Ethical Leadership in Business
28 June - 1 July, 2018


Ethical Leadership in Business

How to lead in times of disruptive innovation?
Driving innovation and building resilience in business and society

We live in an increasingly complex environment with technological innovations continuously impacting the way we work and live.

Initiatives of Change Switzerland aims to increase the resilience of today’s business leaders with an ethical and innovative corporate culture that strengthens organizational performance while furthering the future of our society.

From 28 June –1 July 2018 at the Caux Palace Conference Centre, we will give you the time and space to disconnect from your daily routine, learn from experts and participate in small group discussions and workshops.

This conference is for you!

No business sector or profession will be left untouched by the unprecedented speed and scope of change brought about by huge technological advances.

This event will offer:

Through expert contributions, inspiring case studies, open discussion in small groups, and workshops, you will learn to:

  • develop ethical leadership in business
  • handle the impact of disruptive technologies
  • create a values-based and innovative corporate culture to face today’s challenges
  • identify and handle ethical dilemmas in the workplace
  • foster resilience of employees and the company
  • build trust across diverse stakeholder groups: employees, suppliers, customers


Especially, if you work in these domains:


Leadership Development

More than ever, leaders need to build trust in the workplace so that employees can embrace and adapt to the constant change. The best way to build trust is through people-centered leadership. While leaders still define the vision and objectives, their main job is to be of service to their team members enabling them to give their best. Developing a ‘people-centered leadership’ style demands compassion, empathy and care for team members. In order to inspire and support others, leaders must start with themselves by striving to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’.

All elements of the conference are focused on ethical leadership: See programme


Special features to practice leadership:

Human Resources

The ongoing technological revolution is a human challenge. Artificial intelligence and robotics are affecting all kinds of jobs. Companies need to develop their employees’ skills, so that they stay relevant to the labour market. Two sets of skills are most relevant: those related to the digital economy, and soft skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence and problem-solving. For many companies, it is already a challenge to hire adequate labor, and the need to invest in reskilling employees will only increase in the near future.

At ELB you will learn:


Research & Development

Innovation is at the heart of business growth, knowledge development and job creation. Competition in the digital age often comes from the areas we least expect. Technology is moving so quickly that today’s innovation soon becomes yesterday’s. To remain innovative, we need a trust based corporate culture that favors creativity, ethical thinking and risk taking.

At ELB you will learn:



Organizational Development

In today’s fast changing environment, businesses need to strengthen their resilience through greater agility and trust. Trust is a competitive business advantage that allows employees to be agile and innovative, thus winning customers’ loyalty. Organizations that trust their employees and value results, are rewarded with employees who are more engaged and collectively motivated to increase productivity and impact.

At ELB you will learn:



Corporate Digital Responsibility

As the world becomes more reliant on digital technology, businesses must consider how to include corporate digital responsibility business strategy. This means taking responsibility for the economic, ecological and social impact of the digital economy. Problems need to be addressed, such as how to maintain customers’ trust while using personal data, or how to encourage workers to become lifelong learners. Which technologies help businesses to strengthen their sustainability strategy?

At ELB you will learn:



What is so special about this conference?
  • We work on elements we have control over: our mindset and attitude towards disruptive change and the values that guide our questions.
  • In times of growing online connections, we offer human connectedness by giving time to meet and exchange during breaks, small group discussions, and organized “Meet & Eats” with speakers. Workshops and the Hackathon are opportunities for fantastic interactions and learning.
  • As an international conference, we reflect ‘global contrasts and perspectives’ on the impact of disruptive innovation.
  • We use various learning and experiencing methods formats, rather than lectures so that participants can actively contribute to the learning journey.
  • We invite a range of speakers who will share their expertise and experiences with the participants.
  • The beautiful and inspiring Caux Palace Conference Centre, surrounded by the Swiss Alps and overlooking Lake Geneva, helps us to disconnect from our daily lives.
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The event will start on Thursday 28 June and will end on Sunday 1 July. Registration for this event will open on 1 March 2018.

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