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Caux Peace and Leadership Programme
Training today’s and tomorrow’s changemakers

Caux Peace and Leadership Programme

22 June - 21 July 2019





In exploring the concepts of peace through dialogue, we often find our own peace. Leadership is demonstrated through personal practice and learned through working as part of a diverse team to serve the needs of the Forum and its participants. Service to each other mirrors our desire to serve the world.

At the heart of the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme (CPLP) is listening. We listen to our own inner voice through personal reflection, we listen to the stories of our fellow participants and we listen to the speakers and contributors to the international events in the Caux Forum which run throughout the programme.


What is the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme?

The CPLP is a one month programme where learning is achieved through experience, interaction and service, rather than academic study. Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a Conference and Seminar Centre by contributing actively to welcoming and serving each other and those who attend the Caux Forum. There are two levels: ‘Discoverer’ and ‘Practitioner’ which run side by side.

The programme will take place from Saturday 22 June to Sunday 21 July 2019.



The CPLP structure

You can join the programme either for the first time as a ‘Discoverer’ or as a ‘Practitioner’ to build on past experiences with IofC and/or the CPLP. In both cases, you will be asked to choose one of the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre’s Hospitality departments where you will complete the practical part of the programme.


Year 1: Discoverer

This group is open to those who want to develop specific skills. You will receive expert tuition on facilitation for dialogue, the theory and practice of storytelling, and developing your training skills.

As part of the group attending the programme for the first time, you will primarily focus on:

  • Looking at yourselves: personal leadership, our values, our assumptions, who we are, tools to find inner peace
  • Looking at the wider CPLP group: learning more about each other, other cultures and exploring storytelling as a skill to break down stereotypes
  • Exploring the concept of dialogue: facilitation and how to have difficult conversations, how to find what rather than who is right
  • Concepts of leadership: exploring and improving leadership skills through our personal interactions with our team
  • Inspiring, equipping and connecting changemakers as you prepare to return to your communities
  • Engaging in active discussions on topical global issues
  • Exploring Initiatives of Change’s (IofC) values and approach

There will also be time to attend, find inspiration in and network at the Caux Forum conferences.


Year 2: Practitioner

Building on Year 1, this group is for participants who want to continue to develop specific skills to prepare them for a practical opportunity or project in their communities after Caux. Those who apply as Practitioners will already have taken part in a Caux or IofC training programme and will have some experience in delivery, facilitation/coaching, mentoring, project management or teambuilding.

It is not a given that attending CPLP Year 1 will lead to acceptance into the Practitioner group.

As a returning participant, you will mainly focus on:

  • Deepening your understanding of IofC values and applying them in your daily lives.
  • Deeper exploration of Dialogue Facilitation as a tool for peace building, exploring and developing our internal and external listening skills and, time permitting, working with conference teams within the Caux Forum as Community Group Facilitators.
  • More in-depth learning about presentation skills and storytelling, including using these freshly developed skills to train others.
  • More time spent within the Caux Forum and delving deeper into the conference topics in dialogues.
  • Dialogues on global issues facilitated by members of the Programme
  • Taking on leadership roles within the Caux Forum and developing self-assessment skills.



How will the programme work in practise?

Each week during the CPLP will be split in two:

  • formal time (approx. 22 hours per week) when you will attend learning sessions and skill-building workshops, take time for inner reflection, be part of the Caux Forum and attend dialogue sessions related to your learning
  • the practical service element (approx. 22 hours per week) where you will apply your learning in one of the Caux Conference and Seminar Centre’s Hospitality departments. During this time you will be assessed on your leadership skills. 

In applying for the CPLP you are committing to attending all the constituent parts of the Programme.

In order to comply with Swiss law, for the service element of the programme you must have a Swiss work permit. The HR Department will apply for this on your behalf.


Who can apply?

You are welcome to apply for either stage of the programme if:

  1. You are aged 18 to 45 years old
  2. You are available for the full session (30 days) in Caux
  3. You have adequate travel and health insurance for Switzerland
  4. You apply with a valid passport
  5. You have excellent written and oral English communication skills

It is a plus if:

  1. You have a recommendation letter from someone who is connected to the CPLP, an IofC initiative or national team


  1. If you are already part of an IofC team or have attended an IofC Programme anywhere in the world (including CPLP)
  2. In some departments French/German is an asset





What can you expect from the Programme?
  • To have a unique learning experience.
  • To meet and dialogue with a group of changemakers from around the world to challenge stereotypes and to discover more about yourself, your perceptions and your view of the world.
  • To explore both your own values and those of Initiatives of Change, together with its practices, and how to apply them in today’s world.
  • To participate in some parts of the Caux Forum
  • To learn about dialogue and dialogue facilitation and to practice these skills within the Caux environment.
  • To be given time and space for personal reflection including quiet time.
  • To have the opportunity to develop your own project or one as part of an international group.
  • To understand the concept of service and to practice it as a member of the Hospitality Team. For 22 hours per week, within your scheduled service shifts, you will contribute to the day to day operations of our Conference and Seminar Centre by welcoming and serving each other.
  • To have a mentor and a faculty team who are available and in place to serve the Programme and participants’ needs.


What does the CPLP expect from you?
  • To be willing and ready to actively participate and fully attend the Programme.
  • To be committed to the spirit of service and the concept that personal change leads to global change.
  • To be ready and open to the reflective practices which are part of the Initiatives of Change methodology i.e. Quiet Time.
  • To agree to keep to the rules of Caux and to respect others.
  • To be ready to take part in Storytelling and to give more than you expect to receive.
  • To demonstrate excellent written and oral English communication skills.
  • To arrive and leave the Programme on the dates agreed with the HR Department and to answer correspondence, including submitting all the required paperwork, within given deadlines.
  • To be ready to share your allocated bedroom with another CPLP participant of the same gender. It’s a great way of discovering more about another country and culture and making lifelong friends.


What happens next?







The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme takes place in Caux, a little village in the Swiss mountains above Montreux, overlooking Lake Geneva. All programme participants will be provided with room and board at the Caux Palace.




The programme will take place from Saturday 22 June until Sunday 21 July 2019. Please note that in 2019 there will only be one session of the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme.

You are expected to

  • arrive on 22 June 2019 from 12 to 5 PM (not later)
  • leave on 21 July 2019 from 9 to 12 AM (not earlier)

Please be aware that full commitment and attendance of all training sessions, workshops and service shifts are required. Before applying, please therefore make sure that you are available for the entire session.



Contribution to Costs

Participants are expected to fully fund their travel costs to and from Caux, their visa costs and their travel and health insurance for Switzerland.


What past participants say

Very often we can't even live with our own neighbours who share the same culture. But here we were, 70 people from all around the world and we were able to peacefully live together. I learned that we can accept each other wherever and with whoever we live, it is just a question of our own attitude and about respecting each other.

                                                                         Uliana, 2018 CPLP participant from Ukraine

Sometimes when we are in our countries we face a lot of challenges and we think that we are the only ones facing those challenges. But all nations face challenges, even if some are more serious than others. So we have to think about each other’s experience.

                                                                         Khaled, 2018 CPLP participant from Egypt

Caux was much more than I expected. I thought I was only going to travel abroad but I also travelled inside.

                                                                         Maria, 2018 CPLP participant from Colombia

Service is an important part of the Caux experience because helping others helps to establish a good relationship. Everyone feels welcomed here. Service means empathy, it makes you think about others and make others feel good.

                                                                         Veronika, 2018 participant from Russia


Further Information & Contact



Applications for 2019 are now closed! Stay tuned for 2020!