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Caux Peace and Leadership Programme
Training today’s and tomorrow’s changemakers

Caux Peace and Leadership Programme

Sorry - Applications are now closed! Stay tuned for 2019!


What is the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme?

This experiential learning programme combines three vital elements of the peace process: studying the theory of peace, leadership and dialogue and hearing from activists from around the world; exploring and practising the values and principles of Initiatives of Change; and, for half of your time during the week, applying these lessons in practical service to each other and those attending the Caux Forum. The programme runs twice each summer, for a month during the Forum.

Because of this element of practical service, Swiss law will require you to have a work permit, which we will arrange. You may also need a visa.

Why choose this programme?

Caux is special not only in its stunning position overlooking Lake Geneva, in Switzerland. Experiential learning lies at the heart of the Caux experience. You will meet people from all over the world, receive training, and participate in the Caux Forum, with events on many topics all based on IofC’s core values. We believe service is a first step to true peace and leadership. All participants in the Forum are expected to be part of the practical running of the departments of the Conference Centre, and you will help to facilitate this. The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme is for people who care about personal and global change; and who want to challenge themselves to make a difference.

This programme replaces the Caux Interns Leadership Programme and the Sponsored Participants/Volunteers and seeks to offer training and experience tailored to the needs of participants and those of their communities.


What makes this programme a unique learning experience?

In Caux we aim to create an atmosphere that enables programme participants to:

  • Engage with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures
  • Be inspired to contribute to peace initiatives in their communities, society and countries
  • Explore the link between personal and global change – impacting the world by starting with oneself
  • Converse with thought leaders and changemakers from around the world
  • Develop a wide range of skills including peacebuilding, leadership, management and teambuilding
  • Learn more about the principles and methodology of Initatives of Change (IofC) – which include reflective practice, storytelling, value-based decision making, cross-cultural and cross-generational communication and teamwork – put them into practice
  • Develop dialogue and facilitation skills
  • Take responsibility for running the practical departments of the Caux Palace.


What past participants say:

'The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme was literally the best experience in my life. I can still remember how amazed I was when I reached Caux for the first couple of days, but at the end of the program I realized that I will never forget how this program flabbergastingly changed me!'

Zeinab Dilati, participant to the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme 2017

'There is no right, no wrong, only different opinions. One of the dozens of beautiful life changing quotes I was able to put together during my stay in Caux while participating in the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme. The many, many pages that fill my Caux notebook have stuck with me every day and directed me through my hardest times, be it in my scouting community or my personal life. So much experience can be found within the wall of the wonderful Caux Palace - Conference and Seminar Centre, and so much to take from it, but what I really learned there is to give more than I plan to take. Attending this program was simply life changing!'

Jean-Paul Lahoud, former Caux Peace and Leadership Trainee



A training programme tailored to your needs

The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme will be divided into three groups related to familiarity with IofC and experience. All groups will receive training, attend conferences, work in one of the departments involved in the running of the Caux Forum, and have time for personal reflection and social activities. The training programme caters to both new and returning participants, and allows for individual choice and progression.

•             Group 1 – Introduction Stream

This group is open to those who are interested in peacebuilding, cross-cultural dialogue, exploring their own personal values and those of IofC, and who are looking for a first experience in learning about peace and leadership in a diverse and unique environment. Applicants for Group 1 will know little about the principles and approach of IofC and will not have been to Caux before. Although most participants of this group will be aged 18-30, anyone up to 45 is welcome. 

•             Group 2 – Application Stream

This is a follow-on stream for those who have already been on a CAUX-IofC programme or a similar programme at another IofC training centre. Participants will already have a basic knowledge of the principles and approach of IofC and will want to learn more and to apply these values in various departments in Caux.

•             Group 3 – Practitioner Stream

This new group is for a few participants who want to develop specific skills to prepare them for a practical opportunity or project in their communities after Caux. Participants will take a lead in both the training and the logistics side of the programme. Those who apply will have taken part in a Caux training programme before and will have experience in delivery, facilitation/coaching or teambuilding.

Please note that you are not restricted to just one group. You will have an individual learning plan tailored to your needs, and drawn up before you come to Caux. At the end of the programme you will receive a certificate of successful completion. 

The dominant working language in Caux is English. We ask for proficiency in written and spoken English in all applicants. In certain departments French/German is an asset.

The programme is open to any person aged from 18 to 45.



The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme takes place in Caux, a little village in the Swiss mountains above Montreux overlooking Lake Geneva. Since 1946, the Caux Palace has welcomed thousands of people from all over the world for international conferences, dialogues and training programmes. All programme participants will be provided with room and board on the Caux Palace premises.

Please read the Participants' Guide 2018 for more information.



The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme will take place over the following periods (dates modified!):

Session 1: Arrival 22/06/2018 (afternoon) Departure 19/07/2018 (morning)

Session 2: Arrival 15/07/2018 (afternoon) – Departure 11/08/2018 (morning)

Participants are required to arrive and depart on these dates. Some prior arrival exceptions may be made to accommodate people travelling from far away but we will address these on a case-by-case basis when the applicant has been accepted. Earlier departures will not be possible in order to keep the team spirit and ensure a full service until the end of each session. Do not book flights other than on the dates above, until you have confirmed it with the HR Manager. Please be aware that full commitment and presence during all workshops and service shifts is required. Therefore, before you apply, make sure that you are available during the entire session.



How to apply?

Sorry, applications for 2018 are now closed! Stay tuned for 2019!

We ask everyone who wants to apply for the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme to:

  • Read the Participants' Guide and the FAQs for your stay at Caux
  • Check out the list of departments and choose the department where you would like to apply your training practically
  • Fill in the online application form and send a CV which shows your skills and experience in the area for which you are applying. For instance, if you are applying to serve in the dining-room, it would be helpful to show any service-related work you have done in the past in the area of food and beverage. Note that your motivation to serve the community will be as important as your experience.
  • Attach a digital copy of your passport with a photo of yourself
  • Please also include the names of two people who can provide a reference for you – preferably not a relative or spouse. We would ask that, if at all possible, at least one of these referees is in some way connected with Initiatives of Change.

Your application will be processed much more speedily if you include all the documents stated above. If you have questions, please read the Participants' Guide and don't hesitate to get in touch by email.


List of departments in Caux

Be it setting up technical equipment, serving guests or welcoming participants at reception, click here to know more about the kind of roles that make Caux work and where you wish to accomplish your practical service to the Conference Centre during the Caux Forum.


Contribution to Costs
  • Participants are expected to fund their travel costs to and from Caux, their visa costs and to have adequate travel and health insurance for Switzerland.
  • It is mandatory to have an international health insurance policy that will cover your stay in Switzerland.
  • If you or someone you know is able to contribute to the cost of someone who would not otherwise be able to attend the programme, please contact us. Diversity of background is of the highest importance to us.
Further Information & Contact

For any further questions: EMAIL