Towards an inclusive peace
23 – 26 July 2017

Towards an inclusive peace

Tackling different forms of violent extremism


Isolation, fear and misunderstanding create a fertile ground for extremist views and discourses to take root, often leading to different levels of violence. Experience has shown that by reaching out, these dangerous extremist narratives can be challenged and eventually shifted towards peaceful coexistence.

This event will enable influential NGO leaders, government representatives, business people, victims and ex-perpetrators to explore the different issues involved in bringing together top-down and bottom-up approaches and discuss practical tools and strategies that will help counter these extremist narratives.

Participants will be encouraged to think of community-based indicators that can measure progress and help them make better decisions about how to deal with the problem in the future. So come and learn how to challenge extremes in a holistic manner, and build better ways to create an inclusive, peaceful community.

This event will discuss violent extremism from six different perspectives:
  • Ethnicity and race (hatred against the Other based on skin color or origin)
  • Gender (sexism, homophobia)
  • Politics (right and left wing extremist parties)
  • Religion (hatred against the Other based on religion)
  • Economics (inequality, classism)
  • Environment (natural resources and climate change)

This event will start on Sunday 23 July at 16:45 and end on Wednesday 26 July at 12:30.

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