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Organising and holding the Caux Conferences each year necessitates many skills and many helping hands. If you share our passion and interest for the work we do, there are many ways in which you can support our work at Caux. Please click on the items below to find out more. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Volunteer Tour Crimea 2011
Volunteer Tour Crimea 2011
Become a Caux Volunteer

Caux Volunteers form the vital, inter-generational, cross-cultural backbone of the conference centre, learn new skills, connect with others from across the globe, and strengthen their résumé with teamwork and leadership experiences.

The international organizing team of Service. Responsibility. Leadership conference in Caux, 2007
The international organizing team of Service. Responsibility. Leadership conference in Caux, 2007
Become a Caux Intern

The Caux Interns Leadership Programme is targeted at young people aged 18-30. The Caux Interns keep the house running smoothly and get an inside look at conference operations together with the Caux Volunteers. They also go through an unconventional training program that explores the relationship between personal change and societal change, and encourages deep inner development.


Caux Artists Program 2013 in Montreux
Caux Artists Program 2013 in Montreux
Become a Caux Artist

The Caux Artist Program is an interdisciplinary two-week summer program in Vocal Arts and the Humanities. Our target audience is young performing artists from ages 17 – 30. Come and challenge yourself to live and work as an artist with a world perspective!  


Become a Caux Scholar

The Caux Scholars Program enables young leaders to become trust-builders through experiential education in conflict transformation and principled leadership. CSP teaches students to analyze conflicts, to understand the factors that create and sustain conflicts, and provides understanding of approaches in conflict resolution.


Become a Caux Interpreter

The programme is an opportunity for final year interpreting students, interpreters who have just graduated, or young professionals to practice their skills in a real conference setting, working alongside experienced interpreters.

Friends of Caux Association

"Friends of Caux" connects people living in Switzerland and promotes the implementation of projects furthering the aims of CAUX-Initiatives of Change and increasing the visibility of the Caux conferences.


Job Openings & Internships

Join one of our teams and check out our job offers and internships during the Caux summer and in between conferences.

School for Changemakers 2010
School for Changemakers 2010
Make a donation

If you wish to support our work financially please click here to find out more.