Official Opening 2017, Caux Forum
Opening Ceremony of the Caux Forum 2018
28 June, 2018

Opening Ceremony of the Caux Forum 2018

What does trust mean in times of disruptive technology?

28 June, 2018

The pace and style of innovation today is unprecedented. New technologies (artificial intelligence, big data, robots, blockchain, quantum computing, biotech, etc.) are starting to transform society on a global scale. If we are to manage the impact of the extreme changes that will result from these disruptive technologies positively, we need to build trust and to be trustworthy.

The Official Opening sets the tone for the whole Caux Forum 2018, which through events, dialogues and training programmes, will address extremes of all kinds. The Forum will be a unique opportunity to discuss, share and discover global issues in a multicultural and diverse setting, and to inspire each person to take action by standing against extremes, promoting dialogue and respect, and working for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world, one step at a time.



Panel Conversations

The first panel will offer an intergenerational conversation on new technologies. Speakers will share their own stories of the arrival of personal computers and the internet in the 1980s/90s and of today’s development of artificial intelligence.

The second panel will include high-level representatives from government, international organizations and the corporate sector. They will focus on the social and individual challenges and opportunities posed by disruptive technologies. They will also look ahead at the possible future impact of these technologies, which can be used for good or bad, and talk about their impact on human interactions. The speakers will particularly focus on the Swiss context.






Photos: Jonty Herman