Just Governance for Human Security
4 – 9 July 2017


4 – 9 July 2017

Corruption and the abuse of power sow distrust in societies of North and South. They are major causes of conflict and extremism. How do we achieve governance which is accountable to all, majorities and minorities alike?

Structures of governance are vital. But even the best structures can be corrupted, especially if citizens are disengaged. A focus on the human factors enabling leaders and citizens to work effectively towards inclusive, real democracy is needed; what inspires a person or people to stand for integrity? What alternatives can win those attracted to violent extremism? What sustains a person in the struggle to overcome oppression? What enables trust to grow beyond entrenched mistrust?

Each year the forum on Just Governance for Human Security brings together people from over 50 countries grappling with such challenges - diplomats, politicians, journalists, academics, civil society activists and more. Everyone has the opportunity to share their own experience and learn from others. The agenda is shaped by the situations they face.

The forum will also focus on wounded memories which, unhealed, undermine every attempt to sustain peace. Many people have found Caux a safe environment in which to address and acknowledge these wounds and develop an agenda for healing.

Workshops enable participants to enhance their skills in negotiation, mediation, cross-cultural teamwork and peacemaking. Group discussions between people of widely differing backgrounds offer an opportunity to discover fresh insights.

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