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Week of International Community in Caux (WIC) 2
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Week of International Community (WIC)

This is a unique opportunity for 40 people from European countries to experience how the essence of Initiatives of Change (IofC) can bring cross-cultural and intergenerational trust and understanding to our continent. The week at the Caux Palace – Conference and Seminar Centre in Switzerland will include community-building and an opportunity to learn non-violent means of communication, while preparing the conference centre for the Caux Forum.

Participants will have opportunity to go deeper into the core principles of Initiatives of Change through experiential learning and service and to discover the history of the network’s work in the world. Sharing our stories will be an important feature of the week. This offers a way of looking below the surface, and seeing the uniqueness and value of the other person's reality. We will explore what we hold in common as Europeans as well as what our differences still may be. We will focus on the role of personal change in historical processes.



The week will also provide space for open and vulnerable sharing, where we meet each other with empathy and appreciation, hear and are heard. We will discover how the powerful tools of non-violent communication can be beneficial in everyday life.

The Week of International Community continues the tradition of a week where people can contribute practically to preparing the conference centre for the summer’s events. Recent years have seen not only productive and effective teamwork, but also profound discussions, leading to strong friendships and connections across borders, backgrounds and generations.

We will provide participants with food, accommodation and a full day’s programme. This will include service in the house, training sessions, community-building events, evening entertainment and a day’s outing. Participants are expected to cover their travel, visa and insurance costs. We welcome families with children over the age of 18 (but not exclusively), people who have never been to Caux before, as well as previous participants.

So come and join us for the Week of International Community!



If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with our organizing team via WIC address or directly to Angela Starovoytova


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