Caux Building
Week of International Community 2017
21-28 June 2017

Week of International Community 2017

21-28 June 2017: ‘Serving the essence of Initiatives of Change as a way to strengthen European community’

This is a volunteer opportunity for 40 people from European countries to experience how the essence and basic principles of Initiatives of Change (IofC) can bring cross-cultural and inter-generational trust and understanding in Europe through common service, community-building and learning non-violent means of communication at the Caux Palace - Conference and Seminar Centre in Caux, Switzerland in the period between 21-28 June, 2017.



Starting with dinner at 18.30 on Wednesday, June 21 and finishing with breakfast on Wednesday, June 28 2017, participants will have opportunity to learn about the core principles of Initiatives of Change through experiential learning and service, discover the history and achievements of the movement and its work in the world.  There will also be space to share family-stories, to look at the situation in our countries from individual and group perspectives.  Together, we will explore what we hold in common as Europeans as well as what our differences might still be.  We will focus on the role of personal change in historical processes. Participants will learn techniques of nonviolent communication and will have the opportunity to practice it through dialogue about the current realities in their countries.  By the end of the week, we will try to determine and then share our own messages for peace, mutual understanding and support

The Week of International Community continues the tradition of a 'preparation week' in Caux to contribute with practical service in preparation for the 2017 Caux Forum.  Recent years have shown not only productive and effective team-work in setting up the conference center but also profound dialogues taking place within that week, leading to strong friendships and connections between people across borders, backgrounds and generations.

The 2017 Caux Forum  spans from 29 June to 15 August, with the aim to develop human potential for global change.

We provide participants with food and accommodation from 21 to 28 June 2017.  The full-day programme is organized in that period and includes a combination of serving the house, training sessions, community building events, evening entertainment and 1-day outing.  Participants are expected to cover their travel, visa and insurance costs.  We encourage families with adult children, those who have never been to Caux as well as our previous participants to apply.

So come and join us for the Week of International Community!

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