Caux Building
Week of International Community in Caux 2016
21 - 28 June, 2016

Week of International Community (WIC)

21 - 28 June, 2016

We invited people from all Europe to spend a week at the Initiatives of Change Conference Centre in Caux, Switzerland, to interact with a community of about 40 people from different countries, backgrounds and generations, discussing the topics of peace, values, common future including experiential learning of cross-cultural teambuilding through common service. 

From Tuesday, June 21 (starting with dinner at 18.30) to Tuesday 28 2016 (finishing with breakfast) up to 40 representatives from Eastern and Western Europe participated. The time involved sessions in which participants learned about the principles of Initiatives of Change, the history of the organization and its work in the world, and were be given an opportunity to share stories from their own lives, cultures or their country’s history. Together we explored what we hold in common as Europeans as well as what our differences might still be. We looked at what we can create together and what is the place for personal change in all of it. This year especially we devoted time to reflect and examine the processes of migration around the world, what it means for us, our countries, the world as a whole. We tried to determine and then share our own messages for peace, mutual understanding and support. The 2016 Caux conferences spanned 29 June to 17 August, with the purpose of building trust across the world’s divides, and this year focus was on issues of migration and extremism – while considering the impact that personal changes can bring about.

General information

The Week of International Community continues the tradition of a 'preparation week' in Caux to contribute to the preparation of the conferences, which marked their 70th year in 2016. Recent years have seen profound dialogues taking place within the Week of International Community, leading to strong friendships between people, and this has become the priority of this gathering.

We usually offer participants bed and board for the week, and you should register as a ‘sponsored participant’.  Participants are expected to cover their travel costs. We encourage those who have never been to Caux as well, as out previous participants.

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