Radiate your leadership in full consciousness
11 - 12 August 2017


A workshop on leadership

11 – 12 August 2017

Living in full awareness of your own internal leadership in which:

  • your inspiration reveals your deeper intention
  • vibrates a conviction which cannot be disturbed
  • you can radiate and attract all possible futures



During this workshop, you will learn to:

  • identify a new paradigm in leadership
  • know your intrinsic leadership and some of its different facets
  • elevate your consciousness and create cohesion between individuality and community in your life, professional and personal
  • establish a solid alignment in who you are and what you do
  • determine the next step to start radiate your leadership in full consciousness

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • do who you are
  • focus on the achievement of your real goals and intentions
  • feel empowered in manifesting your leadership
  • experience your power of influence at a more conscious and ecological level


Workshop leadership
Who is it for?  

Anyone wishing to raise awareness on his/her leadership in order to get his/her power of influence on own personal and professional life.

Training Fee          

CHF 490.- including one overnight stay, 4 meals and coffee break

CHF 430.- Friends of Caux, IofC Staff, holders of IofC mandates


The training starts at 9:00 on 11 August and ends at 17:00 on 12 August 2017.


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Danielle Brault (Canada)

Quebecker of origin has more than 40 years of experience, several of which at an international level, in operational direction, human resources direction as well as in practice and creations in domains like coaching, leadership and interpersonal relations. Innovative and visionary, Danielle Brault has been, over the years, the founder of SAPHIR DHS SA in Lausanne, co-founder of IDC, Coaching Institute in Geneva and the founder of Danielle Brault International in Montreal.  Pioneer and creator of several training programs and new trends, she accompanies for the last 20 years, leaders and managers in perfecting their leadership and human relations. She also brings to her clients in the evolution of their organisation, her own entrepreneur’s spirit and experience.

As a coach and trainer, she embraces a holistic and systemic approach. Her passion for the human being, who she accompanies in discovering and living the unique leader he or she is, as well as her proposal for new paradigms in phase with actual and future societal changes, make of her an inspired catalyst, both with organisations and the individuals who compose them.


Emmanuel Jeger (Switzerland)

Emmanuel Jeger is a partner in a consulting, coaching and training in leadership, human resources and team cohesion firm based in Geneva. For the past twelve years, he has worked for large international, industrial or services companies and organizations. As a certified coach, he fosters teams’ cohesion and creativity, especially in a multicultural environment. He enables them to transform complexity and tensions into a collective performance, so they can work better together. He also encourages managers to grow in their role and facilitate the development of individual and collective talents. His main activities are change management, team cohesion, individual coaching and emotional health at work. He mostly works for multicultural organizations such as Nestlé, UCB, Accor, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, ICRC, ILO, WHO, WTO, and Bayer. Fluent in both French and English, he holds an engineering degree and a Postgraduate MBA degree and has held various positions in technical and commercial development at major national and international telecommunications groups. He is also certified in Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach (NBA) and on Rainbow psychometric tools (DISC), InterQualia (Flow and emotional health) as well as TMS. He easily incorporates human and economic components into his work. As a coach, he is a member of several professional networks and has attended many training sessions and supervision workshops.