Towards an Inclusive Peace 2019: Integrated approaches to prevention
8 - 12 July 2019

Towards an Inclusive Peace

Integrated approaches to prevention

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Violent extremism is one of the pressing issues of our times and a major concern around the globe. Typically, governments tackle the issue through military means or a security approach which can result in fear and further deterioration of the situation.

Towards an Inclusive Peace is a three-year project (2017-2019) part of the Caux Forum that looks beyond security driven approaches to violent extremism. By taking a peacebuilding perspective based on conflict transformation practices, Towards an Inclusive Peace creates a space for the discussion of a human-centered approach to address this phenomenon.


Our event in 2019

The case for prevention of violent extremism is clear: it saves lives. Addressing this global challenge at its roots, including the systemic exclusion and denial of opportunities for others, requires the strengthening of resilience in communities. This can be done by learning how to respond creatively and non-violently to conflict and crisis, and by supporting the process of identity construction of individuals who feel the society has given-up on them, while forging a sense of purpose and community.

To this end, in 2019 Towards an Inclusive Peace (8 - 12 July) will discuss what constitutes progress on the path to greater resilience for communities and peacebuilders, focusing on the three principles of prevention: inclusiveness, sustainability and context-specificity.

Come and join Towards an Inclusive Peace 2019 to be inspired by art, theatre and music techniques; equipped through workshops on community resilience, trauma healing and integrated prevention; and connected thanks to story-sharing, intergenerational dialogues and a multicultural approach in a retreat-like venue.



Who is Towards an Inclusive Peace for?

Come and join Towards an Inclusive Peace, a shared space where the expertise of the international community meets the contextual knowledge of local leaders and peacebuilders! We welcome:

  • Peacebuilders from all fields
  • Educators
  • Local and national authorities
  • Community leaders
  • Civil society representatives
  • Everyday citizens building sustainable peace



What past participants say

This event provided a valuable and important platform where practitioners, participants and experts shared knowledge and information on how to tackle crucial global issues of violence, extremism and radicalization in the context of the present worldwide crisis.

Michelline Safi Ngongo, Councillor for Islington, UK


To address violent extremism from a peacebuilding perspective, we need to address the issue of social justice which is often ignored. We need to move away from the security paradigm and use interfaith dialogue and other mechanisms to achieve peace.

Mohamed Abu-Nimer, Senior Advisor to the KAICIID Dialogue Center


Trust is about humanizing, building relationships and promoting interactions to dispel myths about each other.

Superintendent David Smart, National Counterterrorism Policing HQ, and National Coordinator for Prevent in the United Kingdom


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