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Towards an Inclusive Peace 2019: Integrated approaches to prevention
8 - 12 July 2019

Towards an Inclusive Peace

Integrated approaches to prevention


Watch the two-minute summary of Towards an Inclusive Peace in 2018 to get inspired.

The context of Towards an Inclusive Peace

In an age of increasingly complex social realities, where the expansion of globalization clashes with the unmet needs of individuals who feel the society has given-up on them, challenges arise. One of those challenges is the rise of violent extremism and its constant mutation. Towards an Inclusive Peace advocates for the use of peacebuilding lens to understand and address the root causes of violent extremism by framing it as an expression of deeply rooted, ‘invisible’ tensions such as structural exclusion, social disenfranchisement, insufficient opportunities and ineffective institutions, which as a result of having been unresolved for years, turn into violent conflict.

Towards an Inclusive Peace is a three-year project (2017-2019) embedded and part of the Caux Forum that seeks to go beyond security-centered approaches to violent extremism. By taking a peacebuilding perspective based on ideas of conflict transformation, Towards an Inclusive Peace creates a space for the discussion of human-centered approach to address this phenomenon. It offers communities, institutions and states innovative tools to respond effectively to this violent extremism, in a transformative and sustainable way.

Join Towards an Inclusive Peace, a meeting point where the experience and expertise of the international community meets the contextual knowledge of local communities and national actors!




The Towards an Inclusive Peace experience

Towards an Inclusive Peace offers a balanced combination of analysis, reflection and learning. The project focuses on developing an annual event to provide a safe space for discussing peacebuilding approaches to violent extremism, reflecting on positive and negative lessons learned from different case studies, and provide skills trainings on peacebuilding tools to equip participants with the necessary resources to address violent extremism at the local level. All discussions, sessions and trainings take place in a safe space where storytelling, community discussions and silent reflection allow for honest conversations.

We call for the use of peacebuilding tools in the design and implementation of policies and programs that aim at addressing violent extremism, and encourage our participants to reflect about these tools, to adapt them according to their context and to advocate for their use in their respective communities, as well as with their local and national governments.

Learn more about our discussions about the root causes of violent extremism during the 2017 event and our focus on restorative justice in 2018 so you can get a better picture what is awaiting you in 2019. We invite you as well to watch the overview video of Towards an Inclusive Peace and the summary video of the 2018 event.


Our event in 2019

The case for prevention of violent extremism is clear: it saves lives. Lives that get lost as a result of direct violence, but also, lives that get lost because of inadequate access to education; structural racial, ethnic, gender and religious discrimination; exclusionary legislation and inefficient, corrupt institutions.

Addressing violent extremism at its roots, implies the recognition of the structural changes that need to take place to overcome these diverse forms of systemic exclusion, social disenfranchisement, and denial of opportunities that breed extreme violence in our societies. 

To this end, Towards an Inclusive Peace 2019 (8 - 12 July) will explore and critically discuss the three principles of prevention: inclusiveness, sustainability and context-specificity. We will also examine the role of resilience in preventing societies from descending into crisis, including but not limited to violent extremism.

Join us to discuss this comprehensive and human-centered approach that considers not only the global but also the local perspective as essential to address the root causes of violent extremism, while being equip with peacebuilding tools that aim at strengthening the skills, abilities and competences necessary to transform the root causes of extreme violence.



For whom is Towards an Inclusive Peace?

Towards an Inclusive Peace provides a space where local, national and international actors can meet to discuss violent extremism through a broader, peacebuilding lens. We believe in a community-based approach built upon the principles of pluralism and non-violence, with a wide range of actors present. To this end, we encourage peacebuilders at all levels, educators, local and national authorities, community leaders and civil society members and representatives to come and join Towards an Inclusive Peace!


Stay connected with Towards an Inclusive Peace!

There are many ways to get involved next year: attend the event, share your story as a speaker, volunteer your time or join the event team. Engage with past participants and contribute further ideas!

We want to hear from you! Write us at inclusivepeace@cauxforum.org




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Watch the video to get a better understanding about the essence of Towards an Inclusive Peace.