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Towards an Inclusive Peace 2019


Eliana Jimeno | Colombia - Towards an Inclusive Peace Managing Director/CSP 2012

Eliana Jimeno is a professional with over 13 years of experience delivering results for social change in the peacebuilding, development and human rights sectors. Eliana has an extensive track record working with government agencies in her country, Colombia, in areas including public policy, inter-agency cooperation, and victims’ reparations. Eliana is a social advocate with the capacity to interact with a diverse array of stakeholders. At Towards an Inclusive Peace, Eliana seeks to bring a human-centered approach to dealing with violent extremism to acknowledge the humanity of the Other and build sustainable peace. In 2012 she participated in the Caux Scholars Program experiencing the connection between personal transformation and reflective practice, she now serves as the Program Director of the NextGen Global Action Initiative, the alumni development program of Initiatives of Change USA.  Email


Prerna Rathi | India/CSP 2014

Prerna Rathi is a humanitarian practitioner from India, with an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from LSE. She was a Caux Scholar in 2014 and helped start Caux Scholars Programme – Asia Plateau (CSP-AP) in India. Prerna has worked with several organizations in the government, non-profit and private sectors in the U.S, U.K, Belgium, Lebanon, Nigeria, India and Nepal. She is currently affiliated with the Azadi Project in Greece to teach digital media storytelling to female refugees. Previously, Prerna worked with Save the Children and Mercy Corps to manage donor reporting, program designing and capacity building processes. Her work projects, such as providing surge support in the Syrian refugee response, Boko Haram crisis and Nepal earthquake, have further elevated her understanding of contextual complexities at micro and macro levels of emergencies. As a part of the core team, Prerna seeks to explore alternative platforms to overcome violent extremism.


Jean Claude Bucumi | Burundi

Jean Claude Bucumi is a young Burundian who is a master’s candidate in Computer Engineering at University of Burundi in Bujumbura. He is interested in software development and IT in general but is also very committed to contribute to community issues. He got to know IofC in 2010 and has participated in the Eastern Africa Youth Forum (a program of IofC) for the first time in February 2011. He learnt about IofC’s core values (love, peace, purity and unselfishness), conflict transformation, inner listening and much more. Since then, Jean Claude has started a new path and decided to apply what he has learnt from the event. Jean Claude wishes people all over the world could come together to stand up against violence of all kinds and bridge gaps between ethnicities, communities, races or religions to instead allow for a good and bright future.


Ismaila Ceesay | Gambia/USA / CSP 2011

Ismaila Ceesay Ceesay is an attorney who works as a civil rights investigator in higher education. He is originally from Gambia and currently lives in the United States. He was a Caux Scholar (CSP) in 2011 and the Coordinator of CSP in 2012. He has been a team member of two IofC International conference teams and has participated in several IofC US and Hope in the Cities programs including Inzaba and Community Trustbuilding Fellowship. Ismaila studied peace and social justice, political science, and philosophy in college. He holds a Juris Doctor and a Masters in Public Administration. He has worked with youth at risk of encountering the criminal justice system, immigrants and refugees, and has extensive experience in international scholar services.


Angel de la Flor | Philippines/CSP-AP 2014/15

Angel de la Flor holds a B.A. in International Relations from Manila, Philippines, and an M.A in International Business from the University of Padua in Italy. Previously, she worked for three years under a bilateral development project co-funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Philippine government, in support of the peace process in Mindanao, Philippines. She is actively engaged in various programs that work on volunteerism, leadership, education and youth empowerment. She considers her experience in the Caux Scholars Program as one of her breakthroughs that strengthened her commitment to continuously work for peace and development. For her, big and genuine change starts in small things and through simple ways. Towards an Inclusive Peace has paved an opportunity for her to carry out and work for an important cause.


Shannon Heesacker McClain USA/CSP 2012

Shannon Heesacker McClain grew up in Nebraska and currently lives in New York, USA. She holds an MA in Political Science with a focus on intelligence analysis & conflict resolution and a graduate minor in French. Shannon first fell in love with Caux as a 2012 Caux Scholar; she returned in 2013 for the Learning to Live in a Multicultural World conference. Currently, she works as a marketing specialist for a cyber security nonprofit. She is the leader of Towards an Inclusive Peace communications team and is a great community builder and a creative developer both offline and online. 



Amos Izerimana | Burundi/CSP 2016

Amos Izerimana Izerimana is a dual MA candidate at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management (Brandeis University) where he is studying Conflict Resolution and Coexistence, and at the University for Peace (Costa Rica) where he studies International Law and Human Rights. Amos was born in Burundi but resides in the United States where he serves as an NGO project assistant and interpreter. He was introduced to IofC in 2016 as a Caux Scholar where he learned that one is only limited by unbelief that s/he cannot create change. CSP also motivated him to diligently continue spreading peace through his organization that seeks to empower Burundian youth to live peaceably as a development strategy. Amos also supports civil society organizations based in his home country as a consultant and ambassador and is one of the leaders behind ReTurn a movement that mobilizes the diaspora to reconnect with the places they have traced their lineages, empowering them to reclaim their sense of identity.


Marienne Tene Makoudem | Cameroon - CSP 2018

Marienne Tene Makoudem is a Research Officer in the Department of Economic and Environmental Studies at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon. At the same time, she is doing a PhD in Development Economics at the University of Dschang-Cameroon. She obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade Policy and Development in 2015 at the Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa in Tanzania. Her fields of interest are poverty, international trade, women issues, peacebuilding and volunteering. Marienne attended the Caux Scholars Program and was a co-facilitator at Towards Inclusive Peace in 2018. Upon her return in Cameroon, she facilitated a workshop on conflict transformation for some peacebuilders and a Peace Café for the celebration of the Internationale Day of Peace in the capital city. She is a Toastmasters member and also volunteers in Cameroon with IofC, Creators of Peace and Farmers Dialogue.


Angela Miller McGraw | USA/CSP-AP 2017/18

Angela Miller McGraw grew up in Minnesota and currently lives in Washington, DC where she is a consultant. She worked at Georgetown University overseeing outreach to young leaders to promote dialogue at the intersection of public policy and religion as it relates to pressing economic, social, global and political issues. Prior to that she directed an international leadership academy at the University of Pittsburgh and taught community-based learning courses at the University of Notre Dame. She was a participant of the Caux Scholars Program-Asia Plateau 2017/18 where she identified ways to enhance her work in interfaith advocacy. She received her BA in History, Political Science and Philosophy from Bethel University and her MA in Religion and Ethics from Yale University. Angela is thrilled to be part of the TIP core team and to help facilitate critical conversations on violent extremism.


Victor T. Nyanhete | Zimbabwe -CSP-AP 2015/16

Victor T. Nyanhete is a peace, leadership trainer and facilitator from Zimbabwe. He was a Caux Scholar in Asia Plateau India (2015-16) where he found inspiration in finding inner peace and overcoming violent extremism. Since ten years, he has been working with Initiatives of Change Zimbabwe as the Youth Program Manager where peace, leadership tools and workshops are developed. He also was the Interact Clubs Director for Rotary International in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Northern Mozambique. For the past five years, he has been involved in Caux as an intern, volunteer and worked in the CPLP program. As a part of Towards an Inclusive Peace team, he is inspired by leadership development and peace-building work quoting how the "journey of change is like a worm as it transforms into a butterfly".


Rajendra Senchurey | Nepal/CSP 2018

Rajendra Senchurey is a Dalit intellectual from Nepal with an MPhil in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. He has been working as a researcher in the areas of human rights, peace and justice under several national and international fellowships including the one from UNESCO. He regularly writes for Nepal’s leading dailies as a freelance contributor. He lives with a twin objective: to make Nepal casteless and to build a peaceful world. Together with his colleagues, Rajendra is implementing an Austin Trust’s project in Nepal called ‘S/He’s Like Me’ to promote restorative justice in post-conflict Nepal, under the supervision of Towards an Inclusive Peace's managing directors.


Pranay Shakya | Nepal/CSP 2017

Pranay Shakya from Nepal based in London has been working as a youth advocate and changemaker for more than a decade. He is a Caux Scholar Alumni and serving currently as School for Changemakers Alumni chair. He worked as elected Vice President at Liverpool Hope University’s Student Union for two consecutive years, while also working on his not-for-profit campaign, Lead the Change International (LTC). He led a team of volunteers in Nepal for emergency relief works after the earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015. Through LTC, Pranay is working with young people in the UK & Nepal for identity issues, social justice around caste-system and leadership. Pranay has a degree in business management for bachelor's, while due to his keen interest in international organizations and the charity sector he has a Master’s in International Relations from Liverpool. As a person who believes in leading by example, Pranay has worked in a number of award-winning projects to create new opportunities for people through his firm belief in win-win situations. As a certified Master Trainer from Rotary District Nepal, he has worked more than half a decade on youth facilitation, mentorship schemes, and capacity building".


Indee Thotawattage | Sri Lanka/CSP 2016

Indee Thotawattage was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in the Gulf, currently based in Doha, Qatar. She works with undergraduate students on leadership development and social justice education. She was a participant of the Caux Scholars Program 2016 and returned to Caux as program coordinator for CSP 2017. Indee was involved in Sri Lankan civil society from 2008-2010, serving as project coordinator for a legal aid initiative offering assistance to internally displaced persons in northern Sri Lanka. She holds a bachelor’s degree in culture and politics from Georgetown in Qatar, and is currently pursuing an MA in Global Diplomacy via distance learning from SOAS. Indee believes in the power of education as a tool to build sustainable peace and improve quality of life for both the individual and wider society. She is passionate about creating vibrant learning communities for people to come together to appreciate their life journeys.