Team 2018
Towards an Inclusive Peace 2018

The Team

Eliana Jimeno | Co-Coordinator

Eliana Jimeno is a Colombian peace practitioner and researcher. She holds a BA in Political Science and a MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. Throughout her professional career, Eliana has worked in her home country in diverse projects dealing with the impact of the armed conflict. She has worked in the implementation of symbolic reparations, as an advocate for the rights of internal displaced populations and as a policy analyst with different governmental institutions. Eliana’s passion for contributing to building peace in Colombia and in the world, has led her to participate in different peace initiatives and as international consultant. For her, peace starts with personal transformation and the willingness to serve and embrace the Other. As a co-coordinator of Towards an Inclusive Peace, Eliana seeks to create a space where a human-centered approach to violent extremism can be advanced. Email

Johannes Langer | Co-Coordinator

Johannes Langer is a Research Fellow and doctoral student at the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) in Hamburg, Germany, with a focus on victims' perceptions of the truth commission that currently unfolds in Colombia. Coming from Austria, he also had the chance to live, study and work in eight countries in Europe, East Africa and the Americas during the last 15 years. Johannes is passionate about peacebuilding by bringing people together to dialogue and starting to recognize the other. The first contact with IofC was established as a Caux Scholar in 2012 and Johannes returned to Caux in 2013 as the coordinator of this inspiring program. With Towards an Inclusive Peace, Johannes hopes to influence the global agenda of how violent extremism is approached through a peacebuilding lens and use restorative justice as a way forward in 2018. Email


They are supported by an enthusiastic team from around the world:


Suchith Abeyewickreme | Sri Lanka

Suchith Abeyewickreme is a Sri Lanka national working as an International Trainer in the areas of Peacebuilding, Inter-religious dialogue, peace education, ethics education and social healing. Having grown up during a period of 26 year-long armed conflict in Sri Lanka, Suchith is passionate about building inclusive and non-violent societies. He has extensive work experience having engaged in peace and education work in over 15 countries. He has a special interest in identifying Buddhist approaches to conflict transformation and works with Buddhist monks and lay persons from Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Suchith is a Global Council Trustee of the United Religions Initiative (URI). He was a recipient of the Community Solutions Programme of the US Department of State in 2014. Suchith was a Caux Scholars Programme participant in 2016 and returns to Towards an Inclusive Peace 2018 having been a core team for the first event in 2017. 


Jean Claude Bucumi | Burundi

Jean Claude Bucumi is a young Burundian volunteering with IofC International since a couple of years. He has been in contact with IofC for the first time when he attended the 2nd Eastern Africa Youth Forum (EAYF) in 2011 and learnt about IofC core values (love, peace, purity and unselfishness) as well as other methods and practices used to enable people to enjoy good life living together in communities. Since then, he has started a new path and decided to apply what he has learnt from the forum by supporting IofC through volunteering. Serving as a translator liaison at Towards an Inclusive Peace since its beginning, he is expecting to see many people coming from all over the world to be empowered and helping their communities when back home thanks to what they will learn at the event and apply that in their daily life. 


Ismaila Ceesay | Gambia

Ismaila Ceesay is originally from the Gambian and currently lives in the US. He was a Caux Scholar and a CSP coordinator. In 2014, he helped coordinate the Caux Scholars’ reunion and participated as a core member of the International Peacebuilders Forum (IPF) conference team. He was a core team member of the 2017 TIP conference team and looks forward to TIP 2018. Ismaila studied peace and social justice, political science, and philosophy in college. He holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Juris Doctor. He has worked with youths at risk of encountering the criminal justice system, assisted inmates in immigration detention centers, and worked to ensure that primary and secondary students were given accommodations guaranteed by law. He has extensive experience in international scholar services and has worked to make it possible for many international students to study in the United States and vice versa.


Amos Izerimana | Burundi

Amos Izerimana is a dual MA candidate at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management (Brandeis University) where he is studying Conflict Resolution and Coexistence, and soon at the University for Peace (Costa Rica) where he will study International Law and Human Rights. Amos was born in Burundi but resides in the United States where he serves as an NGO project assistant and interpreter. He was introduced to IofC in 2016 as a Caux Scholar where he learned that one is only limited by unbelief that s/he cannot create change. CSP also motivated him to diligently continue spreading peace through his organization that seeks to empower Burundian youth to live peaceably as a development strategy. Amos also supports civil society organizations based in his home country as a consultant and ambassador. He is looking forward to seeing the outcomes of inclusive discussions between grassroots leaders, government leaders, and international organizations.


Cloe Liparini | USA/Italy

Cloe Liparini is a USA and Italian national. She holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Bard College and an MA in Intercultural Relations from the SIT Graduate Institute. She has over 15 years of training and program development experience in higher education, non-profit, NGO and business sectors. Her areas of expertise are in leadership development, experiential learning and intercultural competency training. Cloe is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is a Lecturer and Senior Advisor for Leadership Development Programs at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Rwanda and Founder and Principal Consultant of Intercultural Interventions. Cloe began her work with Caux-IofC as a trainer on programs for university students with a focus on innovation and social impact in 2016. Cloe joined the TIP core team in September 2017 and is excited to work with team members and participants. 


Indee Thotawattage | Sri Lanka

Indee Thotawattage was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in the Gulf, currently based in Doha, Qatar. She works with undergraduate students on leadership development and social justice education. She was a participant of the Caux Scholars Program 2016 and returned to Caux as program coordinator for CSP 2017. Indee was involved in Sri Lankan civil society from 2008-2010, serving as project coordinator for a legal aid initiative offering assistance to internally displaced persons in northern Sri Lanka. She holds a bachelor’s degree in culture and politics from Georgetown in Qatar, and is currently pursuing an MA in Global Diplomacy via distance learning from SOAS. Indee believes in the power of education as a tool to build sustainable peace and improve quality of life for both the individual and wider society. She is passionate about creating vibrant learning communities for people to come together to appreciate their life journeys.