TIP 2018: "At Caux, we believe change comes from within.”
DAY 1, BLOG POST 1: Kicking off Towards an Inclusive Peace
Wednesday, 11. July 2018

“At Caux, we believe change comes from within.”

By Shannon McClain

On 11 July 2018, Initiatives of Change (IofC) began its second year of the three-year Towards an Inclusive Peace programme in Caux, Switzerland.

The programme kicked off with remarks from IofC Switzerland Secretary General Barbara Hintermann. She explained that youth are one group especially at risk from recruitment by violent extremists. As a result, young people need opportunities such as work and education but also an understanding of each other which can build shared trust and resilience.



His Excellence Faisal Bin Muaammar, Secretary General of the KAICIID Dialogue Centre spoke next about refugees. “Peace is not possible when some citizens are robbed of their dignity,” he said. The solution, he explained, is not found in fear or blaming the other but instead in the belief that all have equal rights. Education can build a tolerant understanding of the other and create a more inclusive peace.

To round out the opening ceremony, Towards an Inclusive Peace Managing Directors Eliana Jimeno and Johannes Langer discussed the pressing need to discuss violent extremism as it impacts communities around the world. Rather than taking a militarized approach, this event takes into account community-level solutions and identifies root causes of violent extremism.

So what’s next for the event? Towards an Inclusive Peace 2018 will involve different training tracks, one focused on restorative justice and one focused on self-care. The restorative justice track is comprised of tools, training and techniques to help participants address violent extremism in their own communities. We’ll answer the question, “How can restorative justice practices help build a peacebuilding framework for violent extremism?” Training sessions will include inter-religious dialogue as a tool for peace, gender perspectives, ethics education, circle processes and more.



For those who are interested in self-care, Towards an Inclusive Peace offers a unique track with training sessions focused on this topic. These sessions include presence-in-action, human rights education, peace circle guidance and more. Towards an Inclusive Peace also offers an open track on its final day for participants to propose a session and engage in discussion.

What else can participants expect at Towards an Inclusive Peace? In addition to exciting panels and plenaries each day, participants will take part in special community groups which have a unique role in the Caux Forum. Community groups will form during the first day of the event and participate in service activities. Taking part in these offers a break from the traditional roles and rules of a typical forum event, where speakers and facilitators are often separate from participants. By working together in service, everyone at Towards an Inclusive Peace will have the opportunity to break barriers and have interesting conversations.

We are thrilled to begin this year’s Towards an Inclusive Peace event! Join the discussion on social media with #CauxTIP and #CauxForum.