Towards an inclusive peace 2017

The Team

Eliana Jimeno* | Towards an Inclusive Peace Co-coordinator

Eliana Jimeno is a political scientist from Bogotá, Colombia. She holds an MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University, thanks to a Fulbright scholarship. Currently, Eliana is doing research on the role of symbolic reparations in post-conflict societies and hybrid approaches to peacebuilding. Throughout her professional career, Eliana has worked on the impact of the Colombian conflict. Recently she worked as a consultant for three years with IOM and Colombia’s National Center for Historical Memory and she previously worked advising internal displaced, advocating for vulnerable populations as an institutional lobbyist, and also as a policy analyst at Bogota’s planning office. Eliana’s passion for her country led her to participate in the Caux Scholars Program in 2012. There she learned about the importance of personal transformation and the undeniable link between inner peace and our capacity to serve, more than peacebuilders as bridge-builders, to walk the path to truly acknowledge the humanity in other, in spite of his deeds, as a means to build reconciliation and sustainable peace. As a co-coordinator of Towards an Inclusive Peace forum, Eliana seeks to create a space where challenging but meaningful conversations about the root causes of violent extremism can take place. Email

Johannes Langer* | Towards an Inclusive Peace Co-coordinator

Johannes Langer is originally from Austria but is living in Bogota, Colombia, since 2013. Thanks to master degrees in political science, history and conflict resolution, Johannes has a wide-range of perspectives to tackle challenges. In the last three years, Johannes has been teaching international relations at the Universidad de San Buenaventura in Bogotá with a research project on transitional justice, more specifically the impact of truth commissions in post-conflict societies. The first contact with IofC was established as a Caux Scholar in 2012 and Johannes returned to Caux in 2013 as the coordinator of this program. Together with Eliana Jimeno, Johannes is excited to co-coordinate the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum with the hope to bring people from around the globe and many different contexts together and allow for challenging discussions that can shift extremist narratives in their communities towards new understandings how a more inclusive peace can be reached. Email


They are supported by an enthusiastic team from around the globe:


Rashad Aliyev* (Azerbaijan) | Technology

Rashad Aliyev is from Baku, Azerbaijan, and currently works as a media specialist in a private PR and marketing agency. He holds a Master of Journalism degree from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. Rashad used to work and be very active in civil society and non-profit organizations, particularly for Eurasia Partnership Foundation Azerbaijan as well as the Helsinki Citizens Assembly Azerbaijan. There, he was mostly involved in media, youth and peacebuilding projects.

Rashad’s acquaintance with IofC is related to peacebuilding. His country is in a long-lasting war with Armenia. He became a participant of the Caux Scholars Program in 2013 and later in 2015 had a chance take part in the Just Governance conference. Rashad highly values what IofC is doing and how they do it, particularly its unique management style, approach and spirit. Rashad values honesty and hardworking for the team to achieve results of any project. That is why he tries to help and participate in projects of IofC.

This year, Rashad got chance to be part of the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum which covers the root causes of extremism. There are a lot of questions related to extremism especially nowadays when we see religious, national and political extremism rising. The forum will play an important role as it will include specialists from around the world providing a platform for sharing expertise, experience and discussion for tackling the issue. This is very important because we can learn different aspects of the problem, compare, analyze and come up with better ideas for the solution of the problem. Rashad is calling everyone involved in related issues to take part in forum, share their experience and be part of program.


Suchith Abeyewickreme* | Community Groups

Suchith Abeyewickreme is a Sri Lankan national working internationally as a trainer on interfaith and intercultural ethics education, inter-religious dialogue and peacebuilding. He has conducted trainings in more than 20 countries and in diverse contexts. Suchith is a consultant for Arigatou International for the Learning to Live Together programme. He serves as a trainer with the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) in Sri Lanka training education officials for strengthening reconciliation. He is a founding member of the Walpola Rahula Institute and contributes to social healing programmes in a post-armed conflict context in Sri Lanka.

In 2013 at a time of tensions between religious communities, Suchith was co-spokesperson for ‘Rally for Unity - Hate has no place in Sri Lanka’, an initiative countering hate from extremist groups through public rallies, anti-hate speech toolkit and a social media campaign despite a hostile political climate. Suchith is a Global Council Trustee of United Religions Initiative (URI) and was a URI Global Youth Ambassador in 2011. He was a Community Solutions Programme Fellows of the US Department of State in 2013. Suchith has also held in numerous leadership roles both national and international in AIESEC, and has previous work experience with Sarvodaya.
He was a Caux Scholars Programme (CSP) participant in 2016, a participant at IofC USA dialogue training in Richmond,USA in 2013 and is a member of IofC Sri Lanka. Suchith is part of the Communities Team for the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum and looks forward to supporting forum participants.


Jean Claude Bucumi* | Liaison Interpretation

Jean Claude Bucumiis a young Burundian who is a master’s candidate in Computer Engineering at University of Burundi in Bujumbura. He is interested in software development and IT in general, but is also very committed to contribute to community issues. He got to know IofC in 2010, and has participated in the Eastern Africa Youth Forum (a program of IofC) for the first time in February 2011. He learnt about IofC’s core values (love, peace, purity and unselfishness), conflict transformation, inner listening and much more. Since then, Jean Claude has started a new path and decided to apply what he has learnt from the forum.

Jean Claude is serving as a translator liaison at the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum, and is expecting to see many participants coming from all over the world to be empowered helping their communities back home thanks to what they will learn at the forum and apply that in their daily life. He wishes people all over the world could come together to stand up against violence of all kinds and bridge gaps between ethnicities, communities, races or religions to instead allow for a good and bright future.


Ismaila Ceesay* | Liaison Registration

Ismaila Ceesay is originally from the Gambia and has made the United States his home for the past 20 years. He was a Caux Scholar in 2011 and the coordinator in 2012. In 2014, he helped coordinate the Caux Scholars’ reunion and was a member of the International Peacebuilders Forum (IPF) conference team. He has participated in US-based IOFC events and takes on every opportunity to contribute to IOFC efforts.

Ismaila studied peace and social justice, political science, and philosophy in college. He holds a Masters in Public Administration and a Juris Doctor. He has worked with youths at risk of encountering the criminal justice system by teaching them about their constitutional rights. Immigrant and refugee issues are one of his personal interests and he has worked to assist inmates in immigration detention centers. He has also worked with an immigration legal clinic to help immigrants file petitions and seek redress. Education, at all levels, are a passion for him as well. He has worked to ensure that primary and secondary students were given accommodations, guaranteed by law, to succeed. He has extensive experience in international scholar services and has worked to make it possible for many international students to study in the United States and vice versa.

Ismaila is the main liaison with reservations and registration during the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum and looks forward to meeting everyone.


Hanh Huynh (Vietnam) | Community Groups


Amos Izerimana* | Communications

Amos Izerimana is a recent Berea college graduate in Kentucky, USA where he studied Peace and Social Justice Studies. Being born in Burundi and spending most of his life in a Tanzanian refugee camp, Amos has found love in Intercultural communication and education. He currently resides in Louisville, KY where he serves as a researcher and an interpreter. Some of his interests include Human and Refugees rights, Transitional Justice, Pan-Africanism, and Peace education. He was first introduced to IofC in 2016 as a Caux Scholar where he learnt that one is only limited by unbelief that he can’t create change. The Caux Scholars Program also motivated him to diligently continue spreading peace through his organization that seeks to empower Burundian youth to live peaceably as a development strategy. In addition to his organization, he also supports civil society organizations based in his home country as a consultant.

In the fall of 2017, Amos will begin working towards two Masters Programs at Brandeis University leading to an MA in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence and The University for Peace leading to an MA in International Law and Human Rights. Amos has enjoyed serving as one of the communications officers for the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum, with a particular emphasis on social media. He is looking forward to seeing grassroots leaders and young professionals come together with international organizations to discuss the power communities have to initiate change. He hopes that participants leave the forum empowered to motivate others to work towards preventing extremisms of all kind.


Susan Korah* | Communications

Susan Korah is a Canadian journalist of South Asian background with over 20 years of experience in domestic and international journalism. She is also a member of IofC Canada and the editor of the newsletter Canadian Initiatives. Susan has a B.A. Honours in Political Science and English Literature from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, and a Master of Journalism from Carleton University, Ottawa.  She is passionate about peace and justice issues, and inclusive societies that embrace ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic differences.

Susan has worked on three IofC conferences in the past: Learning to Live in a Multicultural World and Caux Forum on Human Security (2010) and Dynamics of Being a Changemaker (2012) in Caux, and the Encuentro of the Americas in Fusagasuga in Colombia (2014). She also worked on the IofC International website content team (2009 to 2010), developing story ideas and writing articles under the editorial leadership of Mike Brown of Australia.

Susan is proud to be part of a worldwide movement that has a proven record and a well-deserved reputation for creating peace on the ground, and not merely on the diplomatic circuit. As a member of the organizing and communications team of Towards an Inclusive Peace forum, she feels privileged to have the opportunity to play a supporting role in the immense task of building a more just and equitable world. She looks forward to working with her forum colleagues and the team in Caux.


Giulia Matassa (Italy) | Finance and Fundraising


Kate Monkhouse (United Kingdom) | General support


Pranay Raj Shakya* | Community Groups

Pranay Raj Shakya from Nepal based in Liverpool has been working as a development volunteer in various leadership positions with Rotary International for a decade. He is currently working as elected Vice President at Liverpool Hope University’s Student Union while also working on his not-for-profit campaign, Lead the Change International now working on reconciliation for ethnic minorities amongst Nepalese. He is the chair for School for Changemakes Alumni committee UK. Academically, he has degree in business management for his bachelor's, while due to his keen interest in international organisations and the charity sector he completed his Masters in International Relations from Liverpool. He believes in leading by example and creating win-win situations for young people and communities. As a certified Master Trainer from Rotary District Nepal, he has worked more than half a decade on youth.  facilitation, mentorship and capacity building.

Pranay’s education background in social science and work experience in various diverse communities campaigning towards inclusion, leadership, social justice and peace he is very excited to join Towards an Inclusive Peace forum as a core member. He believes with the world seeing much of turmoil at present, it needs change makers and advocates to work for diversity, equality, multi-faith alongside open society, community contributing to create a better world for all.


* Members of the core team