Towards an inclusive peace 2017: Tackling different forms of violent extremism


About the event

Many of the issues facing the world today such as racism, inequality, injustice and exclusion seem intractable, with little hope of resolution. A discourse of despair, helplessness and increasing fear emerges in many parts of the world, creating a fertile ground for extremist views and narratives that send out messages of intolerance and hatred.

In light of the disruptive impact of different forms of Violent Extremism (VE) in the world at large, a global response is essential. However, it is easy to lose sight of the ways in which local communities can help address the roots of radicalization. After all, it is the local level that can prevent VE in the first place, and shift narratives towards peaceful coexistence. Therefore, the Towards an Inclusive Peace forum seeks to be a meeting point where the experience and expertise of the international community can meet and complement with the contextual knowledge of local communities and national actors.

Practical experience and studies have shown that top-down mechanisms alone are not enough to address the roots of VE. It is necessary to include the voices that are typically not listened to into the design of prevention mechanisms to VE at the local and global level. These include local NGOs, local government, ex-militants and families, which can strengthen the global capacity to address the root causes of extremism of all kinds.


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Please note that this programme is subject to change.