TIGE 10th Anniversary, Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy
TIGE 2016 Closes in Caux
And Opens Around the World
Monday, 11. July 2016

As TIGE 2016 Closes in Caux, it Opens Around the World

By Talia Smith

The aims of the 10th anniversary of the TIGE conference were to illuminate and connect models of the new economy, to facilitate inquires into aspects of our economic future and to create a space for individuals to connect to their authentic self. After a full four day programme which was brought to a close on the evening of 9th July, participants' reflections during this session were that their takeaways from the conference were in line with these aims.

The participants' journey, based on the metaphor of the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, looked at both the macro and micro level of the economic future. There were new economic models presented, for example the Integral model in Slovenia (the idea being born in a previous TIGE conference) to the local level - a courageous social entrepreneur presenting her social enterprise which serves low income amputees in Columbia.

                                                                                                                       Darja Piciga from Integral Green Slovenia

The four inquiries took participants on a deep, collective process of looking into various aspects of economic leadership, these groups fed their discussions into the TIGE Hub each day, the 'catalsying' for the future part of the conference. A talented graphic artist harvested these insights to integrate the knowledge of the sessions which were woven together in the closing session.

The practical side could be found in the workshops where participants gained knowledge on the role of business in peace, the gross national happiness model, sustainable development goals (SDGs), the Holacracy organisational model and more!

Combined with daily morning reflection time and inspiring stories, many synergies were created, projects aligned and future initiatives beginning to emerge. This energy will be captured into the expanding TIGE Chapters that are emerging around the world - from Europe, to the Americas and Africa. After 10 years at Caux, this is where the TIGE team will be focusing their efforts in the coming year - nurturing the growth of these Chapters. Watch this space!

                                                                                                         Merel Rumping, social entrepreneur and singer