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Tools for Changemakers 2019


Tools for Changemakers 2019


Agnes Otzelberger | UK

Trainer, facilitator, researcher, founder of

Agnes Otzelberger is a trainer and facilitator working to get our minds, hearts and bodies in shape for the social good we seek. From a young age, she knew she wanted to be involved in tackling injustice and inequality in the world. Then, 10+ years of working as an adviser, trainer and researcher in the international aid sector, and in a range of non-governmental and public sector organisations, left her feeling depleted and deeply troubled about the many ways in which their work seemed to model that which they were against. She began to explore the paradox of systems that are set up to ‘do good’ and yet often inflict harm, and of people who fight the good fight for others, yet often fail to truly do this for themselves. Over the past seven years, she has immersed herself more and more in a range of ‘inner’ and interpersonal practices that can help us bring our values and ways of being in this work into better alignment. This includes various techniques for group process, working with the mind and body, and interpersonal communication, working with individuals, groups and teams. Agnes works independently, and as an associate with OpenEdge – Transforming Conflict, and Wild Things. She is passionate about the emerging meeting places between Western and Eastern psychology and science, and she has recently completed a certificate in Compassion-based Psychotherapy and Social Transformation with the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, which brought her to the work on compassion fatigue she now does.


Arshalouys Tenbelian | Lebanon

Communication Specialist, Co-chair at the Armenian Kurdish Turkish Peace Initiative

Arshalouys Tenbelian is a communication specialist from Beirut, Lebanon. Arshalouys is of Armenian origin, she is a 4th generation survival of Armenian genocide. Coming from a minority group in her country Lebanon, which is considered to have one of the biggest Armenian diaspora communities in the world, she has fought for long to keep her identity and Armenian cause alive. Arshalouys is an advocate for human rights, especially for minority groups campaigning and promoting minority rights. Currently, she co-chairs the Armenian Kurdish Turkish Peace Initiative (AKTPI) that aims to hold dialogues with opponents, to confront and not to avoid, to promote awareness, create a safe space for healing memories, increase tolerance and inclusion, work on conflict resolution and help all towards a peaceful closure. Arshalouys plans to continue her education and earn her graduate degree in human rights.


Burak Han Çevik (LL.M.) | The Netherlands

Immigration Lawyer, Consular Officer, Dutch Foreign Affairs

Born in the Netherlands in 1990 of a family who migrated from Turkey two generations ago, Burak Han Çevik studied Dutch and European Law in The Hague, and worked in government institutions focusing on immigration. He interned at the Dutch Embassy in Washington, DC, and gained a Master’s degree in International Humanitarian Laws specialising in Immigration. He then worked as a case manager for asylum seekers in the USA. He now works in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is currently based in Prague. He is a board member of the Ministry’s Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce advocating for greater gender and age balance, and the inclusion of LGBT, disabled and non-Western Dutch colleagues. Burak first attended the Armenian Turkish Kurdish Dialogue in 2017, and since then has been spreading Caux’s peacebuilding approach. This took him to Lebanon in February, where he visited Armenian colleagues.