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Tools for Changemakers


Tools for Changemakers 2019

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Please note that this programme is subject to change


Quiet Reflection

In today’s busy and chaotic society one of the tools Initiatives of Change has used to find insight and inspiration is silence. Through quiet reflection one can explore inwards to discover more about who they are. These moments of silence are a space to listen to your inner voice or guidance. Beneath the chatter and disturbances that crowd our minds is a deeper source of wisdom and insight. Some refer to it as the true Self, others the voice of God, others Love etc. The thoughts that come when one is truly open and able to let go of their ego, can be challenging yet rewarding. This may result in steps to influence your attitudes and relationships. To follow these thoughts can hopefully lead to transformation and freedom.


Community Groups

On the day of your arrival at Caux, you will be asked to sign up to one of the Community Groups.  Here we aim to create a smaller space for you, so that you have more opportunities to contribute your views, knowledge and experience connected to the topics discussed in the conference. This is a safe space in which to share more openly about your own story and how you respond to the experience of the conference. We encourage you to explore the inner changes you might be going through during your stay. Community Groups will be led by two skilled facilitators.

Serving each other has been a living tradition and a practical reality at Caux, since conferences here began. This way of modeling our interdependence is one of the essential features which set the Caux Forum apart from other conference settings. Together with your community group and facilitators you will have the opportunity to join in service during your stay at the Caux Palace. By offering some of your time, you will experience one of the core values which contribute to the spirit of Caux: ‘care for others’.


Training Tracks

During Tools for Changemakers – Rebuilding Trust in Europe, you can chose to be part of one of 5 Training Tracks that focus on equipping you with tools for your work, in your organization, or in your community.

Our Training Tracks are run by experts in trustbuilding, peacebuilding and dialogue facilitation. You will commit to one training track over three afternoons. At the completion of the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

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