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Caux Forum: Reports and Stories

As we aim to be more sustainable and digital, we will not be publishing a printed report this year. You will find all the reports, stories and highlights of the summer instead on this page. You can discover the highlights and videos in the list below or on our Facebook page.

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Christian Picciolini JG

Over five days, 250 participants from 55 countries convened at the Caux Palace in Caux, Switzerland, to address extremes of all kinds. They included diplomats, NGO representatives, business leaders, academics and citizens concerned with human security. The event took a holistic approach to human security, focusing on its six pillars: good governance, sustainable living, inclusive economics, care for refugees, healing memory and food security.

CDLS 2016, Caux Dialogue on Land and Security

Senior representatives of governments, parliaments, international organisations, financiers, business, NGOs and media from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas met on July 11-13 at the Caux Palace Conference Centre - which has a 70 year history of building trust and achieving reconciliation, starting with relations between France and Germany after the Second World War - to commit to transformative action to scale up restoration of the world's more than two billion hectares of degraded land and achieve land degradation neutrality by 2030.

AEUB 2017

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Training offers 2017

A new feature of the Caux Forum is to give the space to different training courses in August 2017. Check out the upcoming training offers.

Official Opening, Caux Forum 2017

The Official Opening of the Caux Forum 2017 set the tone for the events of the summer, by exploring the links between inequalities and extremism. The event was introduced by the Mayor of Montreux, Laurent Wehrli, and Antoine Jaulmes, President of the CAUX-IofC Foundation. Then participants heard from two speakers, a refugee and a survivor of a terrorist attack, who had firsthand experiences of extremism in a storytelling session moderated by Barbara Hintermann, Secretary General of CAUX-IofC.

CDLS 2017

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Just Governance slider

Discover the highlights of the Caux Forum event "Just Governance for Human Security 2017"!

You can follow all the plenaries of Just Governance for Human Security on the CAUX-IofC Facebook page!

ELB official opening

Discover the highlights of the Official Opening of the Caux Forum 2017!

ELB 2017

The Caux Forum event "Ethical Leadership in Business" has come to a close. Relive the highlights 2017.