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Caux Forum: Reports and Stories

As we aim to be more sustainable and digital, we will not be publishing a printed report this year. You will find all the reports, stories and highlights of the summer instead on this page. You can discover the highlights and videos in the list below or on our Facebook page.

How did Caux inspire you and how did you inspire others in Caux? We want to hear YOUR story! Send your Caux story to #mycauxstory 


Caux Palace

Initiatives of Change Switzerland is looking for a communications intern (40%) to help prepare and promote the 2018 Caux Forum!

YAP, Young Ambassador Programme, AEUB

Do you care passionately about Europe? Do you want to bring positive change to your life and your community? Apply to become one of the 30 European Young Ambassadors at Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business forum in Caux, Switzerland!

Caux Building

Communications Internship (video, photo, interviews, storytelling, social media): Be part of the Caux Forum communications team this summer and gain valuable experience while broadening your network!

Caux Forum, registration, EN

The Caux Forum team is getting ready to welcome you! Register before 31 March 2018 and get a 10% discount on Standard and Full Premium event packages.

Txema Perez, AEUB 2017, theatre

Txema Perez, Co-founder of 2theatre International Company & London Physical Theatre School, writes about her experiences in Caux during last summer's edition of Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business.

CATS Challenge, Photo: Anna Lechowska

The 2017 edition of CATS (Children as Actors for Transforming Society) saw the launch of the 90 Day Challenge. The idea was simple: CATS participants thoroughly explored their ideas for a range of topics including the environment, education and peace whilst at Caux. Once home, from 20 August 2017, they had 90 days to put their ideas into action. The aim was to provide the participants with the necessary drive and motivation to dive in and to make a start on a project despite not having to necessarily produce results.

reception, departments

In order to run the Forum 2018 successfully, we are currently looking for leadership personalities and are offering a range of temporary positions within the Caux Palace Hospitality Team.

CPLP, Caux Peace and Leadership Programme

Caux Peace and Leadership Programme 2018: Seize the opportunity to take part in an inspiring and life-changing programme this summer!

AEUB, Addressing Europe's Unfinished Business

In Europe even where populists are not winning elections, their narratives of blaming immigrants and minorities dominate political debates. Many citizens are losing faith in integration as the best means of ensuring peace, security and prosperity. There is a tendency to isolate ourselves, retreating into groups based on ethnicity, religious beliefs, or class. Such polarization deeply affects the way Europeans work together for the common good.