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Important information - Please read before registering!

  1. Some Browsers may not support the registration form. You can download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox Browser for free. With this no security warning will be shown.
  2. Please read the General Terms and Conditions carefully.
  3. If you have difficulties during the registration process or would like assistance, please contact the Reservations Team at or +41 (0)21 962 9464.
  4. Do you need a visa to enter Switzerland? Please fill in this form before registering. We need this additional information to support your visa process.
  5. If your stay in Caux is being paid for by someone else (company, organization, funding body, private person, etc) please fill in this form before registering.
  6. If you work for an IofC organization (employment, mandate, consultancy, full-time volunteering) and are therefore eligible for the reduced rate, please fill in this form before registering. You may receive a link to another registration form.
  7. Please fill in this form if you request financial support for your stay or have issues with paying the registration fee by credit card. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



This Registration form is only for participants in the Caux Forum 2018 and its public events. If you are coming to Caux for internal events, programmes or as staff, please use the link that has been sent to you by the person responsible.

Just Governance for Human Security has reached full capacity. It is no longer possible to register for the full event. You can however register for a day pass, by choosing 'Other reason for coming' in the registration form and specifying Just Governance for Human Security.