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Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Tuesday, 11. March 2003

Cornelio Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Foundation Initiatives of Change,and also President of the International IC Association, was last night named the most popular personality of the year? by the Swiss Foreign Correspondent?s Association in Geneva.

Sunday, 18. August 2002

The following statement was made public by Cornelio Sommaruga, chairman of a three-day consultation (August 15-17, 2002) of participants to the Political Round Table as listed below.

Saturday, 17. August 2002

Jean-Daniel Gerber, Director of the Swiss Federal Office of Refugees, today called for the creation of a new international organization to elaborate 'the rules, principles and guidelines' to deal with international migration other than refugees. He noted the unjust realities of the world, that leave few options to many living in poor countries other than revolution or migration. He was speaking at a public session on 'Human security in an interdependent world' at the end of a Political Round Table, at the international centre for Initiatives for Change, in Caux, Switzerland.

Friday, 16. August 2002

A Canadian professor and politician today warned of 'a serious regression in the level of civilized behaviour and the receding of hope of a more peaceable, secure world'. Professor Lloyd Axworthy, who is the Dean of the Liu Center for the Study of Global Affairs at the University of British Colombia, and a former Foreign Minister of Canada, was giving the final Caux Lecture of the summer conference season at the international centre for Initiatives for Change, in Caux, Switzerland.

Thursday, 15. August 2002

'Good governance and democracy play a big role in the elimination of hunger, poverty and insecurity,' said a leader of the reconciliation process in Somalia yesterday. Osman Jama Ali is the Deputy Prime Minister in the Transitional National Government of Somalia, and he was speaking at a conference on 'Human security in a changing world' at the international centre for Initiatives for Change, in Caux, Switzerland.

Wednesday, 31. July 2002

The village of Caux, perched on an Alpine mountainside above Montreux, Switzerland,
was the venue, over the weekend of 26 - 29 July 2002, for an honest conversation among concerned Muslims and Non-Muslims on “Peace, Justice and Faith.”

Wednesday, 24. July 2002

Procter and Gamble’s corporate tradition is ‘rooted in the principles of personal integrity and respect for the individual’, according to Andrea Cooper, a British manager in the consumer products multinational. The phrase ‘doing what’s right’ is ‘a slogan that is part of the P&G culture’, she said. The company would never knowingly condone illegal or unethical dealings anywhere in the world, she claimed, pointing out that a recent report indicated that one in six shoppers would buy or boycott products because of a brand’s or manufacturer’s reputation.

Wednesday, 24. July 2002

An executive from the giant American Alcoa aluminium corporation today emphasized the need for community involvement and accountability. The multinational, which has 129,000 employees in 38 countries and annual sales of $23 billion, had gone through a ‘fundamental change over the past 10 years,’ said Don Cowles who till last year was President of Alcoa’s distribution business. Cowles, from Richmond, Virginia, was speaking at the business conference ‘Globalization : from conflict to opportunity’ being held at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland.

Wednesday, 24. July 2002

A leading Indian industrialist today claimed it was possible to be competitive in a global market ‘and still follow the path of social consciousness and maintain values’. Sarosh Ghandy, Managing Director of Telcon, a Tata Industries company which manufactures construction equipment, was speaking at the conference ‘Globalization : from conflict to opportunity’ being held, 20-24 July, at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland.

Tuesday, 23. July 2002

Bombay businessman Suresh Vazirani today told the international business conference ‘Globalization : from conflict to opportunity’ how his company has met the challenges of globalization in the face of international competition. Transasia Biomedical, which he founded in 1980, exports diagnostic machines for blood diseases to 30 countries.