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Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Wednesday, 24. July 2002

An executive from the giant American Alcoa aluminium corporation today emphasized the need for community involvement and accountability. The multinational, which has 129,000 employees in 38 countries and annual sales of $23 billion, had gone through a ‘fundamental change over the past 10 years,’ said Don Cowles who till last year was President of Alcoa’s distribution business. Cowles, from Richmond, Virginia, was speaking at the business conference ‘Globalization : from conflict to opportunity’ being held at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland.

Wednesday, 24. July 2002

A leading Indian industrialist today claimed it was possible to be competitive in a global market ‘and still follow the path of social consciousness and maintain values’. Sarosh Ghandy, Managing Director of Telcon, a Tata Industries company which manufactures construction equipment, was speaking at the conference ‘Globalization : from conflict to opportunity’ being held, 20-24 July, at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland.

Tuesday, 23. July 2002

Bombay businessman Suresh Vazirani today told the international business conference ‘Globalization : from conflict to opportunity’ how his company has met the challenges of globalization in the face of international competition. Transasia Biomedical, which he founded in 1980, exports diagnostic machines for blood diseases to 30 countries.

Sunday, 21. July 2002

As anti-globalization protestors demonstrated in Genoa to mark the anniversary of the death there of one of their number at last year’s G7 summit, a four-day international conference on ‘Globalization - from conflict to opportunity’ was opening at the international centre of Initiatives of Change in Caux, Switzerland.

Thursday, 18. July 2002

An international conference on ‘Connecting Communities for Reconciliation and Justice’ called for Europe and the West to maintain the best of their humane and inclusive traditions.

Monday, 15. July 2002

Syngman Rhee, the Korean-born last year’s moderator of the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly tonight spoke of the need for reconciliation between North and South Korea. ‘It is the right direction to go, even if we see no light at the end of the tunnel,’ he said. ‘I am committing my self to this walk,’ Rhee said, stressing the need for ‘active endurance’. Last month's World Cup, co-hosted by Korea and Japan, enemies in the past, meant that there is always the hope of reconciliation for enemies, Rhee said. He was giving the third 'Caux Lecture' at the international conference centre of Initiatives of Change in Switzerland.

Monday, 8. July 2002

On Sunday, one hundred years to the day from the official opening banquet of the Caux-Palace Hotel, well over six hundred people visited this historical monument during an open afternoon, before a round-table public conference on ‘Learning from the past for the sake of the future’. The building has since 1946 served as a conference centre for Moral Re-Armament, now known by the name Initiatives of Change. The weekend also marked the start of six weeks of conferences up to 18th August on the theme, ‘Globalizing Responsibility for Human Security’.

Saturday, 6. July 2002

An eminent American psychiatrist tonight spoke of the healing power of apology. He was giving a Caux Lecture at the international centre for Initiatives for Change, in Caux, Switzerland.
Aaron Lazare is Chancellor, Dean and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts medical school, in Worcester, Massachusetts. In a talk based on a book to come out shortly, based on many years of research and study, he disagreed with Freud: Damage to human dignity is the greatest problem, 'this is what grudges are about, not sex'.

Monday, 1. July 2002

The renowned Egyptian artist and calligrapher Ahmed Moustafa last night gave a thought-provoking Muslim perspective on the links between art, science, geometry and faith, in his Caux Lecture on 'Symbols and Treasures-towards a common ground'. He was addressing the Road to Renewal conference, hosted by Renewal Arts at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux.

Tuesday, 25. September 2001

For six days fifteen members of Community Council for Peace and Tolerance have met in conference in the city of Caux, Switzerland in order to unite their hearts and plan their activities. This Strategic Planning Workshop was sponsored and facilitated by World Vision Kosovo .