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Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Friday, 9. January 2004

It is essential for prevention that humanitarian activists do more to create a hate-free, fear-free and greed-free world, writes Cornelio Sommaruga in his Commentary on the Initiatives of Change international website.

Friday, 12. December 2003

Wanted are interns with adventurous spirits who would like the experience of leading an international work team of volunteers during the summer of 2004.

Monday, 17. November 2003

The Russian version of a talk given last July at Caux by Vladimir Zelinsky is now online. Please go to the Reflections pages, or click here:

Friday, 3. October 2003

\"Narrowing the gap between ideals and interests\" is the overall title of the 2004 series of international conferences that will be held 8 July – 19 August at Caux, Switzerland.

Tuesday, 12. August 2003

Keynote Address by Cornelio Sommauga at the opening of the Human Security conference, Caux, 12 August 2003. Sommaruga is President of CAUX - Initiatives of Change, President of Initiatives of Change International. The full manuscript is available as a pdf file.

Tuesday, 29. July 2003

Chiara Lubich, the Italian founder of the Focolari, a Catholic lay movement, gave a Caux Lecture this evening on The Spiritual Factor in Secular Society. She was speaking in the framework of an inter-religious seminar organized by Initiatives of Change in association with the World Conference on Religion and Peace, at the international conference centre of Initiatives of Change in Caux, Switzerland.

Sunday, 20. July 2003

Dr. Astrid Heiberg, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Oslo and a former Cabinet Minister in Norway last night spoke of her experience of mediating in Sri Lanka. She was giving the third Caux Lecture of the 2003 conference season at the Caux international centre on Initiatives of Change.

Wednesday, 16. July 2003

Dominique Peccoud, special advisor to the Director General of the International Labour Organization in Geneva yesterday condemned ‘the God of Money and his servant, the God of the ultra-liberal Market which has forgotten its roots’. He warned that if we do not read the sign of the times, ‘we plunge on towards the death of our system which rejects any controls and becomes a globalized capitalistic plutocracy’. He was speaking at the closing session of the 2003 Caux Conference for Business and Industry, on the theme: ‘Globalization . . . as if people really mattered’.

Monday, 14. July 2003

The violent anti-globalization protests in Seattle in 1998 led Theresa Szeliga, Director of Ethics and Business Conduct at Boeing’s commercial aircraft division in Seattle, on a search that brought her to the Caux business conferences. She was aware of the Caux Round Table’s Principles for Business and had checked into last year’s Caux business conference after finding it announced on the web.

Monday, 14. July 2003

Anant Nadkarni, General Manager, Group Corporate Responsibility, for the TATA Group, one of India’s greatest industrial houses, today gave a presentation of his company’s long-running and successful efforts in corporate social and community responsibility.
Tata Group is known worldwide for its social welfare policies and has been practicing them since its very beginning, for nearly a century.