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Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Monday, 4. October 2004

As Part of a visit to the Far East, Cornelio Sommaruga, President of Initiatives of Change International went to Korea.

Thursday, 30. September 2004

For A Change, the UK-based magazine features Caux events.

Tuesday, 31. August 2004

Please find here the programme of the winter conference which runs from 26 December 2004 to 2 January 2005.

Wednesday, 18. August 2004

Mrs Sadako Ogata, the President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees this evening gave the final Caux Lecture of the summer conferences.

Monday, 16. August 2004

‘We will not have peace for Israel without peace for the Palestinians; there is no future for Israel without a future for the Palestinians,’ said Michael Melchior, a Rabbi and a Member of the Israeli Parliament this morning.

Sunday, 15. August 2004

Four of the initiators of the Geneva Initiative, a civil society effort to produce a peace agreement for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, spoke together today in a round table attended by over 500 participants from many countries and every continent.

Saturday, 14. August 2004

Two Nigerians spoke side by side of their work to reconcile Muslim and Christian in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria – after having both taken part in inter-religious violence themselves.

Friday, 13. August 2004

Dr. Geiko Müller-Fahrenholz, German theologian, pastor and author tonight spoke of the need to create space for peace – without space, all life dies – and of the importance of sustainable neighbourhoods.

Tuesday, 10. August 2004

The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples was marked in Caux, Switzerland, yesterday by a Canadian ‘First Nations’ traditional blessing and cleansing with smoke and a presentation of the contribution that traditional cultures can make to the globalized world.

Saturday, 7. August 2004

‘Peace is possible – though it isn’t easy,’ Andrea Riccardi, the founder of the St. Egidio Community insisted this evening. Riccardi drew on the Rome-based community’s long and successful involvement with the peace process in Mozambique. He underlined the importance of non-state actors, with no means of pressure. ‘There is a humble power for peace, rooted in dialogue and in prayer. This weak force is one of the most precious inheritances of the 20th Century,’ Riccardi continued.