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Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Tuesday, 2. August 2005

‘Listening to children and adolescents is not just a personal or family issue, but a global issue,’ said Carol Bellamy, for 10 years Director of UNICEF, giving a Caux Lecture in Switzerland today.

Thursday, 21. July 2005

Professor Dr. Hans Küng this evening gave a vision of hope, speaking of the future of Europe. ‘We must not overlook some major changes for the better,’ he said. The Swiss theologian was addressing a conference on ‘A Heart and a Soul for Europe’ at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland.

An exhibition from Küng’s World Ethic Foundation is on display to the public outside the Caux centre until the end of the month.

Sunday, 10. July 2005

Mario Soares, former President of Portugal spoke at the opening the Initiatives of Change summer conferences in Caux, Switzerland, this evening. Soares, who in 1986 became the first democratically elected head of state in sixty years, underlined the importance for young people to get involved in politics ‘unselfishly, as a service to the community’.

Saturday, 9. July 2005

The updated list of public Caux Lectures 2005 and concerts is now available.

Friday, 3. June 2005

The issue of asylum-seekers and refugees is a very live one all across Europe, and Switzerland votes in a referendum that touches on the issue this coming weekend – so the photo exhibition which opened in Caux on Wednesday could not be more topical.

Monday, 30. May 2005

The Caux-Initiatives of Change Foundation presents its 2004 annual report.

Wednesday, 2. March 2005

This was the title of an address by Dr. Cornelio Sommaruga at yesterday's opening ceremony of GIMUN (Geneva International Model United Nations), a regular feature of HEI, the Geneva Graduate Institute for International Studies.

Wednesday, 16. February 2005

Police and Army representatives, who have been at the Caux conferences last year have hosted a 'Course for Reconciliation and Change' last month.

Sunday, 9. January 2005

AfR Advisory member Imam Sajid (UK) was a delegate, and Caux representatives Christoph and Marianne Spreng were on the "welcome and accompanying team"
in Brussels, 3-6 January 2005.

Tuesday, 2. November 2004

Cornelio Sommaruga, Member of the Council of the Caux Foundation, was in Berlin at the end of October at the invitation of the German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer.