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Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Friday, 21. April 2006

In the Capital of Andalusia, historic site of middle age intercultural achievements, 70 Rabbis and 70 high ranking Muslim representatives from 34 countries met on 19 – 22 March. Alongside them were an equal number of experts, observers and the media. For many this meeting was “nearly miraculous” as one of them said. For others it was “close to a waste of time, because they have so little power.” All were united in their stand against extremism and the misuse of religion to justify violence.

Wednesday, 1. March 2006

A completely new-look website has been launched at

Thursday, 3. November 2005

"Globalizing Integrity, Personalizing Integrity" is the overall title of the 2006 series of international conferences that will be held 6 July – 17 August 2006 at Caux, Switzerland.

Wednesday, 21. September 2005

The Secretary General of the international organisation Women Defending Peace Coalition, Dr Aleya El Bindari-Hammad, spoke about the far-reaching consequences of humiliation in Caux on 7 August. The full text of her address is now online.

Sunday, 18. September 2005

The exCHANGE FOR PEACE Program 2005 again included several days stay at the IofC Conference Centre.

Thursday, 8. September 2005

"It will take more than steel and concrete to repair the festering wounds revealed by Katrina’s onslaught on New Orleans," writes Richmond,VA based Rob Corcoran who will be one of the Caux conference organizers of 2006.

Saturday, 20. August 2005

Needing to take care of "our new global garden" was a thought expressed in a series of public lectures by prestigious speakers of the 59th season at Caux.

Friday, 19. August 2005

Bineta Diop, the Executive Director and founder of Femmes Africa Solidarité (FAS) called for women to play a greater role in peace-making on the African continent. She was giving the fifth and final ‘Caux Lecture’ at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland, last night.

Monday, 15. August 2005

The European launching of People Building Peace II: Successful Stories of Civil Society, a new book on peace-making, took place in Caux today. ‘This book confirms me in my belief that peace must be founded in the hearts and minds of people, more than in written agreements,’ Cornelio Sommaruga, President of the International Association of Initiatives of Change said.

Tuesday, 9. August 2005

Dr. Michael Ambühl, the Swiss State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, this evening spoke of ‘narrowing the gaps between ideals and practice’ and outlined Switzerland’s contribution. The senior Swiss civil-servant was giving a ‘Caux Lecture’ at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland.