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Living Peace - Creators of Peace (CoP) 2016
4-10 August, 2016

Living Peace - Creators of Peace (CoP)

This year’s conference is over, but read more about the 2016 edition here and tune in for next year!

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Celebrating 25 years of Creators of Peace

Creators of Peace will be celebrating its 25th anniversary having been launched from Caux in 1991. With delegates from the over 40 countries where this women’s initiative now has a presence, we will explore the ever elusive  challenge of actually  ‘Living Peace’ and how this can change the global narrative from the current inevitability of violence and despair to one of compassion and hope.

Living Peace, Creators of Peace, logoSpeakers so far include:
  • Gill Hicks, London bombing survivor
  • Rosina Wiltshire, first Caribbean Community Advocate for Gender Justice

Workshops, circles, silence, wisdom sharing will all serve the outcome of an invitation to all delegates to promote and advocate for ‘a new story’ for our time. 

As individuals, as communities and as cultures we are shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and each other, and we pass them on to our children and grandchildren.  These become the global narratives in which we all share, from which we all suffer or transform.  

Change the stories and you change the world.  

Living Peace conference now open for general registrations!

Living Peace


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