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Just Governance for Human Security 2019


Just Governance for Human Security 2019


Clementine Lue Clark | Managing Director Just Governance for Human Security / USA

Clementine Lue Clark is managing director of the Just Governance for Human Security (JGHS) event at the Caux Forum 2019 (2 – 6 July). Her first visit to Caux was in 2002 when she participated in the Caux Scholars Program, experiencing the direct connection between personal and global transformation. She has participated in Caux Forum activities in various capacities in the years since. Email



Shaima Bouzhou | Morocco/The Netherlands

Shaima Bouzhou is a travel junkie and blogger, who is passionate about law. Originally from Morocco, she was born and raised in the Netherlands. She holds an LLM in Globalization and Law from Maastricht University with a specialization in human rights and a Bachelor's degree in International and European Law from the Hague University of Applied Sciences. She has studied at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, United States. Shaima finds that the JGHS conference coincides with her passion for human rights and international security. She is currently on the look-out for a job, ideally related to her passion for international law and human rights.



Ronak Hasani | Iran/Switzerland

Ronak Hasani was born in Iran, of Kurdish origins. Her family came to Switzerland as political refugees when she was 11. Since an early age, she has engaged in organizations committed to intercultural understanding and international cooperation and has volunteered in programmes in Switzerland, United States, Egypt and Hungary. She also had field experience of development work and international cooperation in Uganda in 2013. Ronak studied in Lausanne, Venice and Geneva and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Sciences and a Master’s degree in International Relations, with a specialization in Middle Eastern studies. Her enriching experience as a communication intern at Caux in 2017 led her to engage further with Caux IofC and join the JGHS team.


Olga Merezhuk | Ukraine

Olga Merezhuk is passionate about international development, communication and diplomacy, international security, art and sports. She is very happy to join the team of JGHS this year. She first came to Caux in 2015 and returned in 2016, 2017 and 2018 as a part of the organizing team for Addressing Europe’s Unfinished Business. She is originally from Ukraine, but now lives and works in Poland. She holds a Master’s in International Relations and a Bachelor’s in European Studies. She participated in Erasmus+ Studies in Croatia and volunteered as a teaching assistant in schools in Wales for a year.


Jonas Truneh | USA

When he attended the 2017 JGHS conference Jonas Truneh witnessed the collaborative power of an international forum. He returned to Caux the next year as a member of the 2018 Caux Scholars Program, which reaffirmed to him the inherent importance of firmly rooted IofC values. A keen musician, Jonas plays both the violin and the piano and has toured numerous European capitals, including playing in the Royal Albert Hall and at Montreux Jazz Festival. Upon leaving school Jonas worked first in independent film, then for an award-winning London-based production company, where he collaborated on films for a variety of national and international organizations. He is currently undertaking a degree in Religion and Politics at King’s College London and working as a Programme Assistant for IofC International. He is particularly interested in the fluctuating state of international politics and in transitional justice.


Daria Trofimova | Ukraine

Daria Trofimova is a member of the Just Governance for Human Security team. She was born and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. She visited Caux for the first time as an intern in 2013 and returned the next year as a volunteer. In 2015, she was a member of the team of the Seeds of Inspiration Conference. At the beginning of 2019, she was a team member of the Foundations for Freedom Regional Conference in Ukraine. Daria is a psychologist, with experience of applying knowledge in practice, in research and in academia. In 2016, she plunged into motherhood.