Just Governance for Human Security 2018

Team 2018

Just Governance for Human Security 2018


Shontaye Abegaz | Managing Director, Executive Committee Member

Chicago, USA

Born and raised in the United States, Shontaye Abegaz has lived in Europe, Africa and North America. She is the Managing Director and Chair of the Executive Committee for Just Governance for Human Security. This annual international event attracts over two hundred individuals to address concerns around the Six Pillars of Human Security. Working to promote peace, prevent conflicts, build trust and encourage intercultural dialogue, Shontaye’s contribution to the Caux Forum has resulted in a wider reach to peacebuilders all around the world, as well as a revised vision and mission which specifically focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Shontaye is a member of several civic organizations including Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan and International Women Associates. Email / LinkedIn, Twitter @theglobalhand


Fiona Goggins | Communications Manager,Executive Committee Member


Fiona Goggins is an activist, writer, performing artist, development professional and life-long student. She has lived, worked and studied across multiple sectors in Australia, the UK, Germany and West Africa, has a Bachelor of International Studies majoring in Globalization and a Master’s of Human Rights Law and Policy both from the University of New South Wales. Fiona has recently joined the executive committee of Just Governance for Human Security, taken over duties as Communications Manager for the JGHS Forum and will chair the April Women's event, The Pillar Peace-building Approach: Women as Drivers Towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Fiona has a keen interest in the issues surrounding peace building and conflict resolution, particularly where the rights of women and children are concerned, and volunteers with a small grassroots NGO for women living with HIV in Côte d’Ivoire, among other assorted projects. An enthusiastic traveler, she aims to undertake a volunteer assignment through the Australian Government’s AVID program in the next year, and pursue further study in the field of development, gender studies, human security and peace building. She has recently completed the Caux Scholars Program at Asia-Plateau in India, and is looking forward to implementing her new skills and knowledge in her work going forward. Twitter @fifigoggo, Instagram @fifigoggoLinkedIn


Yara Zgheib | Chair, humansecurityX, Executive Committee Member


Yara Zgheib is a writer, policy researcher and analyst, and lover of culture, travel, nature, art. She is the author of The Girls at 17 Swann Street and blogger behind Aristotle at Afternoon Tea. Wearing her other hat, she consults with governments and the nonprofit sector on peace and security strategies, with an emphasis on conflict resolution, counter terrorism, and countering violent extremism. Yara was born in Lebanon and has since lived in Glasgow, Washington, Paris, Saint Louis, and now Boston. As a Fulbright scholar, she obtained a Masters Degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University then a PhD in International Affairs and Diplomacy at the Centre D’études Diplomatiques et Stratégiques of the Hautes Ecoles Politiques de Paris. She joined Initiatives of Change as an intern in 2011 and since then has been helping organize the Forum on Just Governance for Human Security. She also runs the forum’s humansecurityX Fellowship Programme, an intensive course on the six pillars of human security and the threats with which they are faced. Yara likes books and smart conversations, early morning yoga, evening walks. /LinkedIn


Anjum Ali | Executive Assistant


Anjum A. Ali is a former professor of Islamic Studies and has been speaking on Islam and Muslims for nearly 2 decades. Born in the USA, and of Pakistani heritage, she has lived overseas in the Middle East and in the United States and continues to conduct workshops and facilitation training domestically and internationally. She has a Bachelors degree in International Relations and French Cultural Studies from Wellesley College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She obtained her graduate degree in Islamic Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, concentrating on women and children's rights in Islamic Law and did her research on Child Marriage in Islamic Law. She has multiple certifications, in Legal studies, English as a Second Language and Human Resource Management and is most recently receiving training in Trauma Awareness and Resiliency. Her passion and calling continues to be working with Initiatives of Change and she is a member of the Board of Directors for IofC USA. She also enjoys facilitating Creators of Peace Circles when the opportunities arise. And most importantly she is a mother to two children / LinkedIn


Elizabeth Hall | Volunteer Coordinator


Elizabeth Hall's passion is working with others to create content, advocate, develop relationships and promote a more connected world-wide community. Elizabeth was born and raised in the United States, she also lived in Ireland and is an avid traveler. Her professional work has been based in international fundraising and research, through her volunteer work has taken her to politics, peacebuilding, and advocacy for women's health. Elizabeth first came to Caux in 2016 as a guest for the opening ceremony and was struck by the solutions-oriented dialogue, storytelling, and focus on inclusion for all participants. Elizabeth returned to Caux for Just Governance for Human Security 2017 as a participant in the inaugural humansecurityX training. / LinkedIn, Twitter @n_liz, Instagram @lizzard5


Andree De Leon | Building Communites Manager

Chicago, USA

Andree De Leon was born and raised in Illinois, USA. She is currently working at a digital marketing company in the heart of Chicago in finance and HR. Andree has obtained her BA in Psychology and minor in Kinesiology from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has volunteered and worked with NGO's and universities over the past nine years with medical & dental mission trips to China, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Ecuador. In her spare time, you can find her eating, traveling, playing tennis, biking, snowboarding, and attempting to learn new languages. This will be Andree's fourth time coming to Caux and working with the Communities group. Andree believes that working at the micro level is the key to a peaceful and sustainable government. She finds is truly inspiring to be in an atmosphere with people who share their knowledge and experience to better the world. /LinkedIn


Salma Moustafa Khalil | Community Group Officer

Cairo, Egypt

Salma Moustafa Khalil is from Egypt and is currently a MA Student of Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research, in this Master's and before, have been centered around Agency and people's perception and interaction with systems and institutions governing them, or more generally, the State. She has been part of Initiatives of Change since 2010, as part of the Conference Operations/Forum Secretariat department, and has worked closely with the Just Governance for Human Security team over the years. Her interests and the event topic are increasingly aligned. /LinkedIn



Rebecca Jiménez | Interpreters Liaison


Rebecca Jiménez, who has Swiss and Mexican roots, lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Till last year she studied English, Social Anthropology and Geography at the University of Zurich. Since then she was an intern at the national television of Switzerland (SRF) and worked as an assistant at the Swiss correspondence office for the German radio network ARD. In her spare time, she loves to travel and to read. Rebecca attended her first IofC-Conference in 2015 and was instantly fascinated by the open environment of CAUX and the people from all different walks of life that meet once a year at Caux palace. For her, CAUX is about connecting with like-minded people, networking and about creating an environment in which new things can be created through exchange and support. She strongly believes that fair, inclusive governance is an important corner stone for dealing with many other issues such as oppression, conflict, the upholding of human rights and environmental problems. 


Ferdinand Djayerombe Vaweka | Technical Liaison

DR Congo/ Canada

Ferdinand Djayerombe Vaweka holds a law degree from the University of Kinshasa (DR Congo), as well as a Master's degree in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University (US), and has worked in the Great Lakes region of Africa with various human rights NGOs, especially those involved in the process of peacebuilding in the region. He is very involved in various social justice issues in a number of Canadian organizations, most notably with Antennes de Paix / Pax Christi Montréal of which he is the current president. Since 2014, he has been coordinating the Réseau Œcuménique Justice Écologie et Paix (ROJEP, Ecumenical Justice Ecology and Peace Network), a platform that brings together some thirty churches and Christian groups in Quebec that share their strength in reflection and action to advance causes of justice, peace and the integrity of creation.


Nahom Haile | Graphic Designer

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Nahom Haile is a 26 year old Ethiopian whose eyes light up at a good cup of coffee. He gets a sense of security and comfort from fellow humans and is always thrielled to be in a new place. He never missed the opportunity to impact more than one self, and appreciates the intricate designs in nature and human creations. After being introduced to Initiatives of Change through the Caux Interns Programme, five years ago, Nahom has been involved in different capacities with the regional body in Ethiopia. He is involved in projects driven by the same cause, to bring and sustain lasting change for good. Currenlty he works as a Creative Director for an advertising firm in Ethiopia and as Regional Communications Coordinator for the World Peace Initiative Foundation. /LinkedIn, Twitter @nahomtsg


Sarah Haynes | Communications Team

United Kingdom

Sarah Haynes has been involved with a wide range of different projects within enterprise, education and the charity sector. She has a diverse range of experience in delivering training, project coordination, entrepreneurial development as well as ecumenical work. Sarah has a heart for cross-cultural engagement, reconciliation and spiritual formation. She is passionate about seeing a comprehensive cross-sector approach to peacebuilding and conflict transformation within which interpersonal dynamics are carefully considered and relational connectivity is fostered. She holds a degree in International Development with a focus on internal displacement in protracted conflict) from the University of Leeds and has extensive international experience having lived, worked or studied across a number of continents including the Middle East, SE Asia and West Africa.  Sarah is proud to be an alumni of the Caux Scholars Programme (Asia-Plateau, India) as well as a former participant of the first Human SecurityX training programme. She is excited to be part of this year’s team for Just Governance. / Facebook: haynes.sl / LinkedIn: slhaynes


Charlotte Rémié | Communications Team


Born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, Charlotte Rémié now lives in Geneva where she is currently doing a part-time apprenticeship as commerce employee (specialization in administration and service) and working at the International Committee of the Red Cross. She first came to Caux in 2016 through the Sponsored Programme, then in 2017 in the Caux Peace and Leadership Programme. Both are volunteering sessions and both times you could find her at the front desk. This specific experience directed her to an administrative app: to support causes that she believes in is her moto. She is coming back this year as a member of the volunteer team of the Just Governance Forum. Considering herself as an optimistic person, she is excited about new experiences, discovering new places/countries, reading books, trying new food and doing sports.


Joshua Maziak-Amey | Community Support

United Kingdom

Born and raised in the rural English countryside not far outside of London, Joshua Maziak-Amey is an ambitious and driven young individual who first attended Caux last year as a Peace and Leadership intern. With a BA degree in Geopolitics he returns this year to support the Just Governance team before moving to Amsterdam in September to return to his studies with a masters degree in International Relations. Josh’s background includes work with various NGOs, youth work and more recently volunteer work in Greece helping with the refugee crisis. Since the beginning of 2018 he has been based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here he has continued his youth work through an NGO focusing on teaching Entrepreneurship and language skills as a means of empowerment, alongside working full time as an English teacher across the city. Above all, Josh has a deep desire to help create meaningful change internationally and is inspired by being surrounded by other individuals with similar aspirations.


Siddharth Singh | Panel Moderator and Session Facilitator


Siddharth Singh is a facilitator, coach, designer and traveler. He co-founded ‘Paradigms Unlimited’, a business leadership-consulting firm, in 2001, which is committed to working with people to create personal and organisational transformation.  Siddharth is also a full time volunteer with ‘Initiatives of Change’, which is an international movement working in the field of creating organisational and social change through personal transformation. He has served as a trustee and is a member of the Executive Committee of Initiatives of Change (India) and is involved with various activities of its training and conference centre, Asia Plateau in Panchgani, India and across the globe. He currently also serves as a member of the Asia Pacific Coordination Group. His personal vision is to see a world that works for everyone and not just a privileged few and hopes to use his life working towards this idea. He believes he is a student of life and nature, and that most of the important lessons lie in how nature works.


Jonathan Dudding | Caux Design Team

London, United Kingdom

Jonathan Dudding has been working internationally as a trainer and facilitator for over twenty years. Trained by the Institute of Cultural Affairs and specializing in their methods (now  known as the Technology of Participation), Jonathan has worked extensively in Europe, Africa and the Middle East with governments, international, national and local organizations. In  addition to facilitating large and small events and training others in facilitation, Jonathan also offers advice and support on how to incorporate participatory approaches into sectors  where the value of participation is less recognized. Jonathan’s involvement with Caux started in 2011 to help with the design and to provide training and support to the facilitators of  various Caux Conference. He is now a full member of the Caux Design Team. Jonathan has also worked with Initiatives of Change outside Caux, with ICA:UK working in partnership with  Caux-IofC to run courses on Facilitation in Geneva. / LinkedIn


Marianne Marianne Spreng | Delegation liaison and Swiss Advisor


Marianne Spreng was born in in Bern, Switzerland and has studied in Bern, Montreux and Lausanne, as well as at the Interpreters’ School at the University of Geneva. She speaks German, French, English and Italian. For several years she worked with Initiatives of Change in Germany, the UK, Bosnia and Croatia, India, and Sri Lanka. She has also participated in organising seminars/conferences – mainly with IofC teams and/or in partnership with other organisations and NGOs - in Eritrea, Bosnia, Ukraine and Egypt. Marianne has organized events in partnership with NGOs and Swiss Government Departments and Agencies working in the field of conflict prevention, dialogue and Human Security. Marianne previously served as Secretary and then member of the Council of the Foundation, was Chief -Editor of the Foundation’s German language monthly CAUX-Information and was member of the Management Team of the CAUX foundation. She currently advises some the international conference teams. Marianne loves “meeting and accompanying” people, learning about the history of their countries and following the news of their areas.  


UN Volunteers for eBook project

Amy Child | UN Volunteer

Amy Child is a contributing writer with Just Governance for Human Security. She is from New Zealand and currently lives in Fiji, where she completed her Masters degree in Development Studies, focusing on the local Fairtrade sugar producers. Amy has a longstanding interest and commitment to social justice and has volunteered for UNHCR, and for campaigns with Amnesty International and Oxfam. She is a fierce promoter of Fairtrade, having seen firsthand the benefits for smallholder producers. Amy holds that people must be at the centre of social change and supports participatory approaches in all her work.



Atifa Hasham | UN Volunteer


With roots in East Africa and India, Atifa Hasham is a first-generation Canadian born in Vancouver, British Columbia and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelors of Social Sciences in International Development and Globalization and had the opportunity to work with diverse international teams as part of a work-study program. After interning with UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning and working as a student with Global Affairs Canada, Atifa realized she wanted to continue to cultivate her passion for international development issues, particularly women’s economic, social, and cultural rights. Atifa was introduced to Caux’s Just Governance Forum in 2017 and is thrilled to be part of the volunteer team as she is a huge believer in healing through storytelling. In her spare time, you can find Atifa photographing, knitting winter gear, listening to indie folk music, and obsessing over kittens on the Internet.