Contributors & Speakers 2018
Just Governance for Human Security

Contributors & Speakers 2018


Opening Keynote Speaker:

The Honorable Aja Fatoumata C.M. Jallow-Tambajang* (The Gambia)

Vice President of The Gambia


Closing Keynote Speaker:

Mr David Chikvaidze 

UN, Chef de Cabinet, Office of Director General United Nations Geneva, Honorary Chair, humansecurityX


Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh (Ghana)

Minister of Education and Parliament Member of Ghana  


Mr Jonathan Rudy 

Senior Advisor of Human Security, Alliance for Peacebuilding  


Dr Richard Ponzio

Director, Just Security 2020 at the Stimson Centre in Washington, DC 


Ms Raghad Al Saadi

Principal, Delegate-Nobel Peace Prize Forum 2017 


Mr Rado Harilala Razafindrakoto (Madagascar)

Ministry of Finance, Madagascar


Ms Haydee Dijkstal (Netherlands)

Lawyer, International Criminal Court, US Federal Courts, African Court.


Dr Victoria Vdovychenko (Ukraine)

Founder, Institute of Policy and Government, Ukraine Intercultural Teacher and Researcher 


Ms Mar Mercedes Introini (Spain) 

Facilitator Advocacy Training


Mr Farai Maguwu (Zimbabwe)

Director, Centre for Natural Resource Governance. Honoured by Human Rights Watch for ‘his tremendous courage in working to end rampant violations of human rights throughout the region.’  


Mr Moises Echeverria (USA)

President, Oklahoma Center for Community and Justice  


Ms Michelle Place (USA)

Executive Director, Tulsa Historical Society and Museum


Mr Lawal Abdoulaye Ibrahima (Niger/Mali)

Diplomat at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Nigerians Citizens Abroad of Niger   


Ms Elaine Ham (Lebanon)

Program Officer at Search for Common Ground Lebanon  


Professor Valentin Yakushik (Ukraine)

Professor of Political Science, Social Sciences and Social Technologies, University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine


Ms Kristin Weis (USA)

Sustainable Development Expert and Founder, Roskanet


Mr Hyung Joon Won (South Korea)

Entrepreneur, South Korean Violinist and Peace Activist


Ms Carson Olivia Smith (USA)

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Native American Rights Fund (NARF)


Ms Tiana Ramparany Ramanarivosoa (Madagascar)

National Coordinator of Inclusive Finance, Ministry of Finance


Dr Ed Mabaya (USA/Zimbabwe)

Principle Investigator, The Afrian Seed Access Index, Senior Research Associate Cornell University


  • Dalit Rights Delegation working to address the caste-based discrimination of Dalits 
  • Ghanaian academic administrators responsible for worldwide student governing body 
  • Ukrainian delegation discussing Ukraine’s part in citizen engagement toward the Global Goals
  • Black, White, Native American and Hispanic citizens of Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) discussing racial issues goal of moving towards one city with full citizen engagement
  • Native American Rights Fund (NARF) and Indigenous Peacemaking Initiative  delegates discussing rights of indigenous peoples of the United States
  • Malagasy delegation from Ministry of Finance, Madagascar discussing inclusive economics
  • Japanese executives on good governance and global concerns
  • Fellows taking part in newly launched training program, humansecurityXidentifying human security threats around the globe