Just Governance for Human Security 2017
4 – 9 July 2017


Addressing extremes of all kinds


Human Security has been described by United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan as “Freedom from want, freedom from fear, and the freedom of future generations to inherit a healthy natural environment”[1] .

It depends on decisions made by those in power, diplomats, the media, academics and educators, industrialists and civil and social actors, but it also depends on each and every one of us. The global rise of extremes of all kinds puts this human security at risk.

This event is for anyone seeking inspiration to make fresh steps towards hope. An opportunity to work together to advance human security, to connect, and to discuss the best ways to deal with conflict, division, counter-extremism and other challenges. From informal chats to high-level discussions, we’ll be tackling key concerns, such as how we can heal what we call ‘wounded memories’, so the residue of unresolved conflicts or perceived injustice can be stopped from undermining attempts to sustain peace.

So come and share your own experience, learn from others, and be inspired to take action, as we respond to the human security challenges we face at every level of society across the world.

Just Governance for Human Security 2017 is fully booked and registration is now closed. Stay tuned for 2018! 


>>Programme and schedule<< 

Topics will include:
  • Good governance
  • Care for refugees
  • Sustainable living
  • Inclusive economics
  • Food security
  • Healing memory
  • Trust building
  • Addressing root causes of extremism
This event will offer:
  • Plenaries exploring the main theme and the Six Pillars on Human Security
  • Interactive workshops to enhance negotiation, mediation, cross-cultural teamwork and peacemaking skills
  • Group discussions between people of widely different backgrounds
  • Focused high-level dialogues
  • humansecurityX: a training and development opportunity to face today’s global challenges
What past participants say:

The Just Governance for Human Security conference was unique in its ability to bring together diversity or cultural and professional backgrounds to tackle contemporary challenges. The unparalleled sense of community at this conference, allows for unfiltered and respectful dialogue.  The spirit of camaraderie among participants gives me hope that just governance is achievable within our lives.

Dr Edward Mabaya, Assistant Director of the Cornell Institute for Food and Agricultural Development

I came to Caux without much understanding about what to expect. I was inspired, moved and energized. The topics were challenging, but the collection of the great minds and those eager to listen more than speak, created opportunities for insights and life-changing action.

Susan Savage, Former Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma  


Just Governance for Human Security will start on Tuesday 4 July at 16:45 and will end on Sunday 9 July at 16:00. Participants are asked to stay until the end of the closing session and can then choose to depart the same day or the day after. If you would like to stay until Monday 10 July, you can benefit from a special package deal that includes this additional day.

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[1] Kofi Annan, Kofi Annan. “Secretary-General Salutes International Workshop on Human Security in Mongolia.” Two-Day Session in Ulaanbaatar, May 8-10, 2000. Press Release SG/SM/7382.