IofC workshop for students in Fribourg
Friday, 21. December 2012

On 13 December 2012, Rainer Gude, IofC representative to the UN and international organisations in Geneva, and Brigitt Altwegg, CAUX-IofC project manager for Switzerland, offered the IofC-workshop 'Your piece in world peace' to members of the students’ organisation AIESEC at the University of Fribourg.

Students in Fribourg
Students in Fribourg
The students, most of whom are doing their Bachelor degree in social and economic sciences, were highly interested in finding techniques of conflict transformation and brought many ideas to the discussion. After 90 minutes of brainstorming, group work, presentations of theories including IofC’s Dynamics of Change approach, excerpts of the film Imam and the Pastor and a silent time, the students left the workshop with new insights and tools. They got a grasp of the complexity of conflict and of the importance of starting with oneself. In the evaluation of the workshop, more than half stated they expect the workshop to make a noticeable difference in the way they live their life or do their jobs. One person even stated that the impact has been tremendous.

The IofC conflict-transformation workshop 'Your piece in world peace' was first run at the national conference of AIESEC Switzerland in March 2012. Since the response has been highly positive, IofC continues to offer this workshop to interested AIESEC-branches and has started developing a new module focused on business ethics.