AEISEC workshop Switzerland
IofC Workshop for AIESEC Students in Bern
Wednesday, 6. May 2015

IofC Workshop for AIESEC Students in Bern

After the IofC’s “Leading a Team” workshop last December, the students’ organization AIESEC’s Bern team asked the CAUX-IofC Foundation to create a follow-up workshop on “Dealing with Leadership Challenges”, which The CAUX-IofC’s project manager for Switzerland Brigitt Altwegg and two experienced volunteers designed and held on 27 April 2015 in Bern.

The interactive 1h30 workshop addressed leadership challenges such as managing team members' motivation, supporting team members with different levels of experience, prioritizing and delegating. Whereas the trainers shared stories from their leadership experience, the students brought in many ideas and engaged in deep dialogues on their current challenges, both individually and as a team, and how to tackle them. They walked away inspired after working on and sharing their motivations for working with AIESEC. 

We hope that the workshop will make difference for the new team leaders, announced the same evening, and wish them all the best for their leadership-year with AIESEC!

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