First Steps
First Steps: Photo Exhibition to celebrate 70 years of Trustbuilding
Events in Switzerland


After Montreux and Caux the next location for the travelling exhibition will be announced soon!

The exhibition was chosen to kick off the 70th anniversary celebrations of the CAUX-IofC Foundation by exploring its past and informing people about its rich history and vision. The theme “First Steps” was especially chosen to show that each action whether it transforms the world or an individual starts with a first step.

The conviction that global change starts with personal change is central to the Foundation’s approach. Through portraits and stories of people having been to Caux, the exhibit shows how ordinary people were able to initiate extraordinary changes. The exhibition aims to inspire and encourage visitors to take their own “First Steps” towards change.

So far the exhibition has been shown in Montreux and Caux.


Where and When?
  • To be announced soon

Come see the exhibit and be inspired to take your first steps!