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Powerful methods to facilitate and build consensus in groups


Improve your facilitation skills

Are you looking for tools to improve meetings? Do you wish to bring more voices into a conversation and make better collective decisions? Are you looking for ways to generate change and to ensure the implementation of plans?

Develop your facilitation skills so as to enhance participation, deepen conversations, build teamwork and develop ownership.

Facilitation is at the heart of both IofC and ICA’s practice globally.

With IofC’s long experience of working with dialogue and trust building in situations of tension and conflict and ICA’s proven methods for working effectively in organizations and communities, we combine our experience and expertise to offer a range of training courses in facilitation that will develop your competence and confidence as a facilitator and provide the opportunity for you to focus and deepen your skills in your chosen areas.

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Why these training courses?

Participation and ownership matter. In every time zone and in private, public, and community settings, Technology of Participation (ToP) methods and tools are bringing high levels of participation to decision-making and planning processes while embedding the ability to create specific customised applications. They cultivate the collective ideas that result in breakthrough changes and generate the spirit of commitment that leads to and supports action for change.


Why is facilitation important?

Facilitation provides a set of competencies that enables you to work effectively with groups while ensuring that individual voices and ideas are heard and included in the ongoing conversation and in the end product. The facilitator takes responsibility for the process, allowing the group to generate and control the content.

Whether you are leading meetings, developing plans, holding conversations, guiding an organization through change, transforming conflict, building your team, engaging with others, these skills are useful and important for you:

  • Conversations, Decisions and Plans are enriched by including multiple voices, ideas and perspectives and facilitation provides a framework and process for such inclusion.
  • Using a facilitated approach strengthens the ownership of the group over the topic, decision or plan, leading to stronger commitment and motivation and a higher likelihood of implementation.
  • The presence of a detached facilitator focusing on process allows groups and individuals to express their opinions and ideas openly and safely, thus building understanding and trust.
  • The use of different methods and tools for engagement ensures that everyone can participate, whatever your social or learning style.



Who these training courses are for

Are you:

  • A professional facilitator wanting to add tools to your repertoire or wanting to explore your practice more deeply?
  • A director, manager or team leader seeking ways and methods to enable you to engage more effectively with your employees and colleagues?
  • A consultant or trainer wanting to alternative ways of enabling people to explore issues or be more involved in learning?
  • A peacebuilder or community worker wanting to tackle divisive issues and conflicts?



The courses present the methods in a practical and participatory way. Methods are first demonstrated, then analysed and discussed, and then practiced individually or in supportive small groups with guided reflection and feedback. Finally, participants plan how they will apply each method in their own situations. Participants will develop their skills, share experiences and gain an in-depth understanding of the principles behind the methods.

The training courses suits all levels of experience. They also contribute to established international facilitator competencies.


Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

The Group Facilitation Methods, Action Planning, Participatory Strategic Planning and Organisational Transformation courses are recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the UK's largest awarding body for leadership and management qualifications.

For a fee of 75£, participants of these courses may receive the ILM Development Award, which recognises that the learner has completed an ICA:UK course that meets ILM standards for professionalism, organisation, content, and trainers. Previous learners have found the Development Award to be a valuable way to demonstrate learning to employers and clients.


Upcoming courses

February/March 2019

October 2019


What past participants say

This was one of the most useful, challenging and educative courses I have taken in my 26 year of professional life. I highly recommend it and look forward to immediately apply what I have learnt in my professional and private life. I will also explore opportunities for further, deeper training in this field in the near future.

                                                                                J. Maximilian Bankole Jarrett, Africa Progress Panel


I thought there is no good training you can make in two days. Now I changed my mind.

                                                                                Esad Smajlovic, GIZ Bosnia Herzegovina


Very pleased to have learnt two new concrete facilitation methods that I can put into practice straight away.

                                                                                Laure Felix-Bower, independent consultant


This training provided tools to study the internal and external environment of an organization and to see what type of issues it is and will be facing throughout its’ lifetime. This allows for a participatory approach to change by bringing to light all the stakeholders’ thoughts and concerns.

                                                                                Sofia Muller, Project Coordinator IofCSwitzerland



All training courses take place at the John Knox Center in Geneva, Switzerland.



Jonathan Dudding is the Director of ICA:UK. Jonathan has been working with different members of the ICA network for over 20 years, developing skills in consultancy, facilitation and training. He is recognised as a lead trainer in ICA’s Technology of Participation. Working primarily with international clients, Jonathan has worked with governments, international and local organisations, particularly in Europe and Africa.






Bhavesh Patel  designs and facilitates meetings to explore organisational issues and opportunities, and offers skills training in coaching, communication, and facilitation. His approach is to use participatory methods that engage collective intelligence and leadership. He believes that in an increasingly complex world there are no off-the-shelf solutions. Organisations can find their own answers through engaging the hearts and minds of their own people. His clients have included Motorola, Deutsche Bank, Malaysia TV3, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Aberdeen Asset Management, Singapore Institute of Management, Lafarge, Fraser & Neave, Zuellig Pharma, Bangkok Bank, Prudential, World Wide Fund for Nature, World Health Organisation. Bhavesh is also recognised as a Lead Trainer in ICA’s Technology of Participation.



Anna Krebs works in facilitation, organisational development and gender equality. Through her work she wants to help create ripples of positive and sustainable change. Her aim as a facilitator is to enable equal participation, co-creation and learning. Anna divides her time between her permanent position at Terre des hommes Foundation, and collaborating with other entities such as the IofC, cinfo, Collaboratio Helvetica and Proactive Life Coaching. Anna is currently recognised as a co-trainer in ICA’s Technology of Participation.





Brigitt Altwegg has been designing and facilitating dialogues and group conversations in her position as Program Manager Trustbuilding with Initiatives of Change Switzerland since 2012. Brigitt has organized Facilitation Trainings in Geneva since 2013 with the aim of bringing ICA’s Technology of Participation (ToP) methods to Switzerland, and she is now recognised as a co-trainer in ICA’s Technology of Participation. She also has over 15 years of experience in teaching rock climbing.






Established in 1946, Initiatives of Change Switzerland's main approach is to bring global change through personal change. IofC Switzerland provides a safe and privileged space to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organisations from around the globe to engage effectively and innovatively in trustbuilding, ethical leadership, sustainable living and human security. IofC Switzerland is the Swiss body of Initiatives of Change International (IofC).

ICA:UK draws on more than 50 years of global experience in human, community and organisational development. As part of the ICA International network of 30 organisations across five continents, ICA:UK focuses on the human factor in world development, developing, sharing and applying effective facilitation methods designed to release human potential and give people greater control over their own development.

Both organizations started their collaboration in 2011, with the involvement of ICA:UK with the Caux Forum, providing design and facilitation support through the Caux Forum Design Team. In 2014, the collaboration extended with the first Group Facilitation Methods course being run jointly in Geneva. The partnership between IofC Switzerland and ICA:UK goes beyond this joint venture. Both organizations have in common that they aim to achieve global and social change, and have complementary approaches. IofC Switzerland focuses on the personal change process and ICA focuses on the way groups work together.


Fees 2019





2-day trainings


1-day training





















Not-for-profit/ Individuals










These fees include training documentation, lunch and coffee breaks.

The following cumulative discounts can be granted:

-10% for participants who sign up for 2+ courses at the same time.

-10% for participants who bring 1+ person to a course at the moment of signing up



  • Early Bird payments need to be issued within 7 days of registration.
  • Early Bird deadline for February & March trainings: 31 January
  • Early Bird deadline for October trainings: 15 September
  • Normal payments need to be issued no later than 5 days before the start of the training.

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Brigitt Altwegg – Programme Manager Trustbuilding

Initiatives of Change Switzerland
Rue de Varembé 1, CH–1202 Genève
phone: +41 79 383 11 07




Thursday, 9. November 2017 - 9:15 to Friday, 10. November 2017 - 16:15
Facilitation Tools Method Training

The Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) training will teach you 4-stage process (Practical Vision, Underlying Contradictions, Strategic Directions and Implementation Plan) for planning and implementing medium to long-term strategies for teams, departments, communities and organisations.

Tuesday, 7. November 2017 - 9:00 to Wednesday, 8. November 2017 - 17:00
Facilitation Tools Method Training

The Group Facilitation Methods (GFM) training will teach you versatile, powerful techniques for structuring group conversations and finding group consensus. It introduces the foundations of the Technology of Participation (ToP) approach by teaching the Focused Conversation and the Consensus Workshop methods. It will allow you to make meetings more effective, engage groups to develop creative solutions and to help groups identify and understand their shared ideas and goals.

Tuesday, 1. November 2016 - 9:00 to Friday, 4. November 2016 - 17:30
Groupe Facilitation

Learn concrete tools to make your meetings, group work or management more efficient and effective.

Following the success of the Group Facilitation Methods and Action Planning courses in 2014 and 2015, in 2016, the CAUX-Initiatives of Change Foundation and the Institute of Cultural Affairs UK are offering four additional training courses.

On Wednesday and Thursday 25-26 November 2015, a 2-day Group Facilitation Methods training will take place in Geneva, followed by an Action Planning training on 27 November 2015. These practical trainings offer powerful methods and tools for generating consensus in groups and for building ownership of projects or events. They are suited for all levels of experience, from group leaders to professional facilitators and Executive Directors.

The first Group Facilitation Methods training in Switzerland was organized by CAUX-Initiatives of Change in partnership with ICA:UK and the Impact Hub Geneva on 12-13 November 2014.

Wednesday, 12. November 2014 (All day) to Thursday, 13. November 2014 (All day)

Group Facilitation Methods (GFM) training in november 2014 at the Impact Hub Geneva: Learn participatory methods for successfully facilitating meetings and events!

Group Facilitation Methods (GFM) training on 2-3 September 2014 at the Impact Hub Geneva: Learn participatory methods for successfully facilitating meetings and events!