Facilitation Tools Method Training
Facilitating Organisational Change
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Facilitating Organisational Change

2 days training


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About Facilitating Organisational Change

There has been considerable thought applied to the nature of change, how to describe it, and how best to understand it, approach it or bring it about. This two day course offers ICA’s perspective on change in an organisational context, introducing a series of tools and frameworks which enable people to take a more holistic view and ensure that the “human factor” is included.

The tools help practitioners to understand, analyse and respond to changing dynamics both outside and within an organisation, as well as considering how to support individuals through the change process.

The training is useful for all those people (e.g. leaders, managers and consultants) looking for ways to facilitate change throughout institutions, companies or organisations (including partnerships and networks).

The course introduces tools for reviewing and analysing trends, historical and environmental forces (the ToP Historical Scan method, the Wave); clarifying and mapping the organisational journey (The Organisational Map); identifying leverage points for change within an organisation (Dynamics Screen); understanding an applying values (The Values Screen); supporting individual behaviour change (Image Change).

This course has no pre-requisite, but it is of benefit to have taken the Group Facilitation Methods course. It is also of advantage to bring specific case study(s) to the course to consider as the tools and frameworks are introduced.