Webinar Ethical Leadership in Business Talks: Rethinking trust in the digital age
Thursday 25 April 2019

Webinar Ethical Leadership in Business Talks: Rethinking trust in the digital age

Thursday 25 April 2019, 2pm – 3pm CET

In the digitalized economy, public trust in the benefits of the digital transformation has been the basis for growth and progress. However, the public’s trust in digital services and products is constantly being challenged by incidences such as security breaches, identity thefts, black mailing and user profiling by business. Distrust is growing and with it resistance to the ongoing transformation. Now is the time to act and rethink the role of trust in the digital age!

  • Which technology solutions can be developed to rebuild and sustain digital trust?
  • What role do values and ethics play in strengthening trust in the digital economy?
  • Do we need to redefine the concept of trust in the digital age?



Jowan Österlund | Sweden

Biotech Entrepreneur

Jowan is getting under people’s skin, one microchip implant at a time. He will share his vision of how microchip implants enhance privacy and control for users and explain the notion of the “Internet of Us” (IoU). (photo: Janus Engel)



Barbara Smeltzer | Canada

CSR-P, Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives at Salesforce.org

Barb will moderate the session, share her vision on the role of ethics in creating digital trust and explain the uniqueness of the Caux Forum Ethical Leadership experience.



Tom Marshall | Deloitte (Netherlands)

Innovation Community Ambassador

Tom supports Deloitte professionals to harness the benefits of technological innovation in his work as an innovation consultant.





Rainer Gude | Switzerland/USA

Strategic Partnerships Manager IofC Switzerland

One of Rainer’s key skills is building trusted partnerships across sectors and organizations. He will explain the core elements of Initiatives of Change’s trustbuilding approach.




Annika Hartmann de Meuron | Germany/Switzerland/Sweden

Ethical Leadership in Business Managing Director, IofC Switzerland

Annika will share key trust challenges and enablers in the digital age. She will also give an update on the evolving TRUST INCUBATOR which will become a reality during the Caux Forum.





Join us for this hour-long webinar on Thursday 25 April at 2pm CET!

You’ll get a good idea of the upcoming conversation on digital trust and the unique experience provided by the Caux Forum Ethical Leadership in Business event 2019.  



To register, please email: ethicalleadership@cauxforum.org