ELB 2018, Caux Forum 2018
Ethical Leadership in Business 2019

Bram Jonker | Deloitte (Netherlands)

Innovation & Technology Lead

Bram Jonker is a successful entrepreneur, who founded and sold multiple companies in data analytics in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, he is a leader in driving the adoption of disruptive technologies in a corporate environment. He believes that only by empowering people with an understanding of these changes can we transform perceived threats into great opportunities for our world.



Tom Marshall | Deloitte (Netherlands)

Innovation Community Ambassador

Tom Marshall is passionate about empowering people to live more meaningful working lives. Since founding Extraordinary Life in 2016, he has inspired thousands of people internationally during his talks and sessions. Audiences and venues have ranged from corporate executives to local communities in Uganda and 5000 students at a stadium in The Netherlands. He also supports Deloitte professionals to harness the benefits of technological innovation in his work as an innovation consultant. In 2018 he received the Rotterdam School of Management Distinguished Alumnus award.


Jowan Österlund | Sweden

Biotech Entrepreneur

Jowan Österlund is getting under people’s skin, one microchip implant at the time. A body piercer turned biotech entrepreneur, he’s leading commercial biohacking in Sweden with his vision of seamless interaction between humans and technology. It’s an evolution that could shift us from the internet of things to what he’s dubbed “the internet of us”. (photo: Janus Engel)