Idea Lab – Building Resiliency in Times of Disaster
Friday 29 June and Saturday 30 June 2018, 15.30 - 18.30

Idea Lab – Building Resiliency in Times of Disaster

Ethical Leadership in Business 2018
  • Do you love brainstorming and creating solutions?
  • Are you concerned with the increase in disaster situation around the globe?
  • Would you like to contribute to building the resilience of disaster risk regions ?
  • Are you a driven and passionate and want to experience ethical leadership?

Join us in the Ethical Leadership in Business event.

The Idea Lab takes place in Caux on Friday 29 June and Saturday 30 June, 15.30 - 18.30.



What is the Building Resilience Idea-Lab?

Attendees of the Idea Lab will brainstorm ideas on how business can not only address immediate needs of disaster relief, but provide a way forward for long term impact. It’s a hands-on experience for business and humanitarian organization representatives who will practice their specific skills, collaborate on solutions and inspire ideas on how the private sector can build resilience in times of disaster.  Facilitators will be on-site to help teams through their idea-storming. At the end of the Idea-Lab teams will get a chance to share ideas in front of an audience and celebrate together!

Why an Idea-Lab?

Disasters can strike anywhere, at any time and affect anyone in their path. As our world becomes increasingly globalized and unpredictable with climate change, displacement due to conflict, war and natural disasters, it will be the most resilient communities that bounce back not only to survive, but to thrive. Businesses operate in regions that face disaster events. They have crucial expertise and resources, so the private sector must be part of the solution when responding to disasters, whether in their own back yard or across the globe.



Key questions
  • What are the best ways to respond in order to prevent, lessen the initial impact or provide relief and recovery for those affected by disaster?
  • What are the specific business competences that can contribute in a specific emergency: volunteering, donating funds, key expertise, networks, material resources, etc.?
  • Which business stakeholders could join or complement the relief efforts, like clients and consumers?
  • What do businesses need to learn in order to achieve long-lasting results in disaster relief?
  • How can business not only address immediate needs but provide a way forward for long term impact in disaster relief efforts?