Ethical Leadership in Business
29 June – 2 July 2017

Ethical Leadership in Business

How to lead business in times of extremes?

In today’s globalized world, business leaders are increasingly being held accountable for the impact of their business on their stakeholders and on society.

In times of rapid and extreme changes, it is of utmost importance for corporate executives to base their decisions on ethical values so that their products and services contribute to the well-being of the overall society.

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Ethical Leadership in Business 2017 is an opportunity for business leaders and managers to:
  • get inspired by ethical business models
  • share values based decision-making approaches
  • exchange on what ethics means to them
  • strengthen listening and trust building skills
  • enhance their adaptability to change
  • build new business contacts
Three major questions will be addressed during this event:
  • What does it take to make the right business decision in a globalized world?
  • How can companies support inclusive and sustainable growth ?
  • How to apply responsible and ethical leadership in daily business?

Please note that this event is open to business leaders, managers and corporate representatives only, i.e. representatives of multinational companies and SMEs (Small and Medium companies). Please do not hesitate to contact us before registering to make sure your profile meets the criteria.


The event will start on Thursday 29 June at 16:45 and will end on Sunday 2 July at 12:30.

Please note that the road leading from Montreux to Caux will be closed on 2 July 2017 from 8:00 to 12:00. Trains will running according to usual timetables. 


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