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Support an innovative Cultural Centre at the Caux Palace
Wednesday, 11. April 2018

Support an innovative Cultural Centre at the Caux Palace 

I&C Switzerland

The stunning backdrop to the Caux Palace has always drawn a steady flow of visitors to the region.

Yet, since the Café de la Gare closed in 2015, and in 2017, due to financial contrainsts, the Post office and bookstore had to close, there is no place for visitors to linger and to enjoy the scenery while drinking a cup of tea or enjoy a nice refreshment. Initiatives of Change Switzerland together with the Caux Development Society, the Montreux Council, and the Swiss Hotel Management School are looking to change that. They have come up with the idea of a cultural centre in th Caux Palace to help bring more visitors to Caux. The Centre would be housed in the disused post office at Caux (the space is within the Caux Palace, opposite the Caux train station).  

In a bid for long-term financial sustainability and local development, the cultural centre would accommodate a café with a terrace. Light refreshments would be served, and the café would also sell regional specialities supporting the local market. Visitors would be able to browse in the new bookshop, which will stock items marketing Caux village (postcards, souvenirs, etc). 

Part of the cultural centre would also be an exhibition including the history of the Village, the Caux Palace and Initiatives of Change. Planners envisage that the centre will also become  an income-generating hub for cultural events such as art exhibitions, and that it will be a point of interest for visitors to the Gruyère Pays d’Enhaut national park, a partner organization in the inception of the Cultural Centre.  

The Cultural Centre would also assist in job creation in the region, as a part-time employee will be needed to help operate the centre.  

But to make this a reality, it needs funding! The Foundation is currently looking for institutional and private donors to help them make this wish a reality. The centre would help to regenerate the area, and visitors and Caux Forum participants alike will benefit from this uplifting, peaceful retreat. 

If you’d like to support please click here for more information on the project.