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Caux Peace and Leadership Programme


What has changed in 2017?

The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme is the result of a combination of the former Caux Interns Leadership Programme and Caux Volunteers, revamped to give participants more opportunity to have both training and experience which suits their needs and those of their communities. Although the application process will look a bit different this year, most of the elements actually remain the same.

How do I get to Caux?

Caux is 2 hours by car or train from Geneva and 25 minutes from Montreux. Hourly direct trains run from Geneva Airport to Montreux from 6 am to 11 pm (check exact times here). The last direct connection to Caux leaves Geneva Airport around 7pm. Please consider this when booking your flights.  Detailed information will be provided by the Programme team.

Where will I stay at Caux?

Usually a shared room in the Caux Palace or in one of the nearby houses on the premises. Shared rooms can vary between 2-6 people per room, always in a same sex room.

In which department will I apply my training?

You will be allocated in a department according to your skills and experiences, and in line with the needs and capacities of each department. The Programme team will do their best to consider your personal preferences. Successful applicants will be informed provisionally of their department before arriving in Caux. This may be subject to change, therefore be flexible to serve in a different department than you initially expected or hoped for.

When will I hear if my application is successful?

We endeavour to inform you of the result of your application as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of March. A small number of people may be kept on a short list, should there be a cancellation by one of the previously selected applicants. You will also be told if your name is to be kept on this short list. Therefore, please provide us with your correct email address and make sure to check it frequently. We have tight deadlines and want to give clarity to those on the short list as soon as possible, therefore we ask you to accept or reject the possible invitation to the programme within 48 hours of receiving it.

Can I stay on at Caux after being a training participant or arrive early?

The Caux Peace and Leadership Programme may, in certain circumstances, cover the extra cost of a programme participant arriving early or staying beyond the end of the dates specified for the Programme. However, unless you have the prior agreement in writing of the Programme Management to stay for a longer period, you will be required to cover the cost of any additional days. In all cases, the possibility of staying longer will depend on room availability. Please contact the Programme team regarding this question as soon as you are accepted.

How much does it cost to be a training programme participant ?

The cost of your stay is paid through donations by supporters and participants supplemented by the CAUX-IofC Foundation. We seek to raise money for your stay as a programme participant but you will be expected to pay for your travel to and from the Caux Palace, for travel insurance and for any Visa that may be required. Any financial contribution you are able to raise for your stay will be greatly appreciated.

General Terms and Conditions

Before you apply please read the general terms and conditions for your stay at Caux.


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