Irina Fedorenko, Global Climate Action Summit 2018, CDLS, ILLP
ILLP Network at Global Climate Action Summit in New York
Caux Dialogue on Land and Security
Wednesday, 3. October 2018

ILLP Network at Global Climate Action Summit in New York

Caux Dialogue on Land and Security

This September, leaders and people from around the world have joined together in San Francisco at the Global Climate Action Summit and in New York City at Climate Week to celebrate achievements, discuss solutions, and ignite action for climate change.



The Initiatives of Land Lives and Peace network (ILLP) was present in San Francisco and worked together to take forward the agenda and conclusions of the 2018 Caux Dialogue on Land and Security (CDLS). The questions of raising capital for global scale landscape restoration and technological solutions to the issues of land degradation have been proposed by CDLS participants. 

Many of CDLS participants attended the side event organised by the World Economic Forum, where the 4th Industrial Revolution has been discussed. It has been established that a collaboration between private sector investors and the governments is necessary to create a viable model of blended finance in order to have a chance in restoring large enough areas to reverse Climate Change. 

The co-founder of BioCarbon Engineering has proposed tree-planting drones as one tool to scale-up land restoration, while The Nature Conservancy has highlighted the need for a multi-stakeholder approach. 

More CDLS participants have been speaking at the IXO event. This new innovative company has partnered with SDG Futures to co-host a series of events  to bring leaders in sustainability, natural capital, impact financing, media and technology together to discuss how solutions and actions towards the Sustainable Development Goals can be deployed and accelerated through innovative coalitions and financing to shape a more transparent Sustainable Impact Economy.

The event was attended by many delegates of CDLS, including strategic partners as Global Mangrove Trust, Regen Network, Natural Capital Alliance, Green World Campaign and others. 

The participants discussed new financial models for landscape restoration, the possibilities of tokenisation of such investments and the new tech solutions to the challenges of land degradation.  The need for continuing dialogue and the call to action has been emphasized and a lot of time has been spent planning the day of alternative finance during the next CDLS. 


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