CAUX-Initiatives of Change invited to speak at AIESEC Switzerland’s national assembly’s LEAD-Day
Thursday, 24. April 2014

On 29 March 2014, CAUX-Initiatives of Change was invited to speak at AIESEC Switzerland’s national assembly’s LEAD-Day

During the interactive workshop on ‘Values and ethics in leadership and the role of youth leadership today’, about 80 AIESEC members received theoretical inputs and were challenged to explore their own values and options for dealing with ethical leadership dilemma.

They also saw the inspiring speeches which Vivek Asrani, executive committee member of AIESEC and Indian businessman, and Kofi Annan, former United-Nations Secretary-General, delivered at the 2013-edition of the conference ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ (TIGE) in Caux. This workshop is the third in a series of IofC-workshops for students, which started in 2012 with the conflict-transformation workshop entitled 'Your piece in world peace’ and continued in 2013 with the team-effectiveness workshop entitled ‘Are you pulling on the same rope?’.

In the panel on ‘Empowerment: Enabling Young People to Lead’, Brigitt Altwegg, Project Manager Switzerland, spoke alongside three representatives from the business sector working in human resources, marketing and communications. She highlighted that today’s leaders, who are operating in an increasingly fast-moving and complex world, are challenged on three levels: on the personal level to be the change they want to see in their organisation; on the team level to build teams that are diverse and conscious of their diversity, allowing each person to put his or her unique talent, passion and perspectives at service to the organisation; and on the organisational level to provide formal and informal structures and procedures which favor engagement.