Caux Forum 2017 EN
A new look and feel for the Caux Conferences: Discover the Caux Forum 2017 and register now!
Thursday, 9. February 2017

Discover the Caux Forum: an enhanced experience

The Caux Conferences are now the Caux Forum, offering an enhanced Caux experience and providing more space for training and dialogues.

Through its events, training programmes and dialogue, the Caux Forum, formerly known as the International Caux Conferences, is a platform for change. It is a unique place where ideas flourish and where people from different walks of life are brought together to find inspiration, to connect with one another and to themselves. The new visual identity of the Caux Forum, through its amorphous shapes and the way they are combined together, symbolizes growth, bloom, harmony and the idea of coming together. All of the colors represent the different events taking place during the summer, as well as all the different partnerships and diversity of the Caux Forum.

The Caux Forum aims to develop the human potential in global change and all of its main events will focus this year on addressing extremes of all kinds. 

Registration for the Caux Forum 2017 is now open! Check out the programmeDon't miss the opportunity to join one of the Caux Forum events this summer. Click here for more information on Forum fees and  package deals.