Caux Building
Open House Day 2018
29 July, 2018


Discover the Caux Palace!

29 July, 2018

The Caux Palace – Conference and Seminar Centre opens its doors for a full day during the Caux Forum. Discover the buildings’ beautiful setting and learn more about their amazing history and current use.

Please download the full programme here.



Guided tours in French and English

Let passionate narrators guide you through the stunning Caux Palace - Conference and Seminar Centre and its unusual history! You will learn about the luxury hotel’s construction, about the businessmen, refugees and rebels who stayed in this building, and discover the Maharaja room. If you have never been to Caux, this is a must-do!

Please register here, since the number of participants per group is limited to 15. These guided tours are open to adults and children from the age of eight and are accessible to wheelchairs.



Scavenger Hunt

Discover the history of the Caux Palace in a fun and original way. Follow the clues, solve the puzzles and explore the Caux Palace. Collect a number at each station and we will time your tour. The fastest team will win a prize.


Human Library

Initiatives of Change Switzerland regularly organizes human libraries as a way to build trust and understanding between people from different backgrounds. What is a human library? Just like choosing a book to read, you can choose to hear the story of someone from Caux.



Outdoor Belle Époque Walk

Go back in history to the Belle Époque in the early 20th century, as you walk around the Caux Palace and enjoy the stunning view over the lake and the mountains. Follow the map and find the wooden boxes containing old photos of how the grounds used to look.


‘Where I come from’ Collage

This is the Open House Day’s creative space! You can make your own contribution to a photo exhibition of Initiatives of Change Switzerland, which shows portraits and stories of ordinary people who came to Caux and took a first step which led to extraordinary changes. Make a collage about who you are and where you’re from. How would you like to contribute to change?


Mini Caux Expo

The Mini Caux Expo gives you a glimpse of the eventful history of the Caux Palace, from the beginning of the 20th century to today. You will get to see original table settings, handwritten communications and a timeline of major events.



Soap bubbles

In today’s fast-paced environment, Caux offers the opportunity to slow down, to experience silence, and to reflect on what truly matters. Take advantage of the meditative movements and ephemeral beauty of creating big soap bubbles to let go of your thoughts, enjoy the moment, and open your mind to unexpected thoughts.  


Silent Room

Initiatives et Changement Suisse est une organisation neutre sur le plan religieux. Elle encourage chacun-e à une réflexion intérieure et à se mettre à l’écoute de soi. Il se peut toutefois que cette démarche fasse écho à la confession religieuse de certain-e-s participant-e-s. Prenez le temps de vous arrêter, de contempler en silence le magnifique panorama sur le lac Léman et les Alpes voisines. Vous pouvez aussi prendre une dizaine de minutes pour méditer, puis noter vos impressions. Pourquoi ne pas partager ce que vous ressentez avec une personne qui vous accompagne ? Arrêtez-vous un instant et prenez conscience de ce que vous ressentez en quittant l’endroit.



Practical Information


How to get there

The Caux Palace Conference Seminar Center can be reached with the historical cable car train which is an exciting experience in itself and which runs from Montreux every hour (departure at .17 and arrival at .39). Alternatively, you can take the steep road up to Caux and use one of the public parkings.






Food and Beverages

Throughout the day you will have access to refreshments, tea and coffee in the Main Hall, where you can also buy snacks.

If you would like a hot lunch (20 CHF for adults, 10 CHF for children aged 6-15, free for children until age 5), please register here before 26 July. OR If you did not register for a hot lunch but would like to take one, you can check at the cash desk if there are still hot lunches available.

Between 15:30 and 16:30, free afternoon tea will be served on the terrace. 



Many places and activities are accessible for families and for people in wheelchairs. Please check the relevant icons in the programme below.



The programme of the Open House Day 2018 is in French and English.