Caux Building
TheCAREconomy: A Collective Meet-Up
28 June - 1 July, 2018

TheCAREconomy: A Collective Meet-Up

28 June - 1 July, 2018

TheCAREconomy is a global initiative to empower individuals and communities across the globe to build accessible, just, and sustainable economies. 

As change makers, we are committed to causing the following paradigm shifts:

  • From a growth/debt-based/entropic economic system managed by large, centralized institutions, to a network of decentralized, transparent, and mutually-sustaining economies;
  • From wealth obtained through extraction, production, consumption and waste to economies based on self-rejuvenating “cradle to cradle” design;
  • From default market pricing that ignores or “externalizes” unmeasured costs to markets that fully respect and account for all types of labor and natural resources;
  • From competition and growth for maximum profit to creativity and collaboration that manifests universal values of dignity, fairness, and compassion;
  • From access to capital for the few to access to essential capital for all;
  • From closed systems of knowledge to transparent systems of shared knowledge and wisdom.


A collective meet up People from a wide range of disciplines are developing new concepts, tools, and practices designed to promote equitable and sustainable distribution of natural resources and wealth. The “TheCAREconomy and Money” collective meet-up is a gathering of experts, engaged, concerned and interested people, taking place during the annual Caux Forum, aiming to accomplish two key objectives:

  • Build a knowledge commons based on universal values of equity and dignity derived from local initiatives around the world that are designed to create new economic patterns that manifest equity.
  • Turn knowledge into action by advancing applications that build local economies rooted in creativity, caring, equity and respect for humanity and natural resources, with an awareness of the limits of growth.

Community clusters, key pollinators, key listeners and facilitators will meet for three days to connect and exchange views and experiences, inspire, equip and connect people, groups and organizations to build a just, sustainable and peaceful world.