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Caux Peace and Leadership Programme

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Leadership through Service


Hosting with care is a core principle of the Caux Forum. It is the spirit that welcomes people from all corners of the world and makes them feel at home. Our aim is to create an atmosphere of welcome and care, so that the Forum participants experience a functioning, spirited model of world community. This is the community in service, the place where we put into practice the values we talk about — teamwork, trust building, inclusion, multiculturalism and community-building. It is where we experience it by developing the awareness and skills needed to create authentic communities.

The descriptions below are some of the departments in which you might apply your practical learning of your training as a Caux Peace and Leadership Programme participant


Laying up for breakfast after supper
Laying up for breakfast after supper
Dining Room

The Dining Room is a great place to apply your training, build your team-leading skills and come into daily contact with conference participants from all over the world.  The Dining Room serves, on a rostered basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea / evening drinks.

You will have an opportunity to lead a team of participants who prepare the Dining Room, serve meals to all those in the Caux Palace and make sure the clear up goes smoothly. Good English (spoken and written) is needed and some basic French (speaking) would be a great advantage in this department.


Office management team in Caux
Office management team in Caux
Forum Secretariat

This department is at the heart of each conference, providing all that is needed for the conference to run logistically.  This is a great place to be if you like administration, dealing with people and troubleshooting. Working in close collaboration with the Forum Director, this is a friendly, busy team where your communication and diversity skills will be required!


The reception team are the first friendly faces who greet you on arrival and the last to wave you off at the end of your stay!  Languages – French, English and preferably German – are necessary here and a real love for interaction with people!  This is an area where you can practice your communication skills, your hospitality skills and operate closely with many other departments so you will also achieve great team building skills here.


Housekeeping team at Caux
Housekeeping team at Caux

The Caux Housekeeping team ensure 225 bedrooms, 450 beds over several buildings, the main building being the Caux Palace are prepared to a high standard for Forum participants. This may sometimes include physical work such as adding extra beds. Working closely with Reception and the Cleaning teams, the Housekeeping team creates an atmosphere of welcome and care, where the Caux values are put into practice: teamwork, trust building, inclusion, multiculturalism and community in service. Some basic French would be an asset for this department.



This is the place where children play and learn at Caux,  in a nursery room for the under 7s and then often, if there are sufficient children, we seek to run programmes which mirror the issues in the Caux Forum so that children have ownership of the core values of trust building and leadership through service. English and French, German and other languages are a real help in this department.


Cash Desk

The Cash Desk contributes to the first and last impression our participants will get. The ‘welcome’ for international guests who are coming from a diverse set of backgrounds sets the tone for their whole experience, and the conferences draw people who may never have left their country before, as well as those who travel widely and are well acquainted with world-class hospitality.

 Ensuring that helpful and respectful service is provided is essential. Good English (spoken and written) and basic French (spoken) is required for this department.


Technical team at Caux
Technical team at Caux

This team covers the whole spectrum of technical needs for a large conference centre, which includes a main meeting hall, as well as a number of smaller meeting rooms. The equipment used ranges from simultaneous interpretation set-ups to sound desks and associated equipment, lighting control desks, projectors, and so on. They also have overall responsibility for the setting up and basic running of the Theatre and Cinema.